Trail Blazers

Blazers, NBA players restricted from participating in Super Bowl gatherings

Trail Blazers

Today's the Day! 

Super Bowl LV. 

Every Super Bowl is a spectacle, both at the hosting stadium and at households across the country. 

People are showing off their new TVs, making nacho tables, eating chicken wings, making fun of the loser of the fantasy football league-- the list goes on. 

It's one of the best sports days of the year! 

For NBA players and coaches, it won't be that. 

That's because the NBA reminded all 30 teams of the COVID protocols put in place that restrict players from participating or holding gatherings. 

News of not being able to go all out for Super Bowl might not affect the Trail Blazers very much. They arrived home Saturday night from a six-game, 11-day road trip, 7,500 mile trek across the country, which concluded in a 110-99 loss to the Knicks. 

A relaxing day at home sprawled across the couch watching TV without any distractions might be just what the Trail Blazers need to get back on track. 

They will host the Orlando Magic Tuesday night at Moda Center.