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Trail Blazers now have a Big 4 with addition of Robert Covington

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers forward Robert Covington landed in the Portland airport Sunday after officially being acquired by the Blazers over the weekend. 

Covington had been a name tossed around for years as a potential target for Portland.

And now, it’s happened.

Covington is bringing his defensive talents to Rip City.

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Many think he could be the missing piece to get the Trail Blazers out of the first round of the playoffs and beyond.

Many -- including himself and Trail Blazers president of basketball operations Neil Olshey.

In fact, Covington is now looked at as a piece of the Big 4.

It’s been a core group of Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and Jusuf Nurkic for the past few years.


And now the Blazers can add Robert Covington to the solid core group.

Because as Olshey mentioned Monday, the Blazers' mentality is “win now.”

And with Lillard in his prime years after turning 30 this summer and Covington set to turn 30 next month, the two are on the same trajectory.

“Our goal when we entered the offseason through the draft and free agency was we wanted to find our fourth-best player,” Olshey explained. “We know we’ve got Dame, CJ, Nurk, Carmelo is unique obviously, but to have a guy on Dame and CJ’s timeline and with Nurk that we knew every night we have a fourth guy that we can depend on… Cov was at the top of that list when we indexed towards defense being a priority. So that was a big get for us.” Covington seconded the idea that he could be a missing piece.

Now we know we have a fourth guy every night that can make a high enough impact and give us a chance to win.

Neil Olshey

Covington seconded the idea that he could be a missing piece.

"They’ve been in the top-tier for years with the team they’ve had." 

So it’s just small things to get them over the hump and that’s what I’m here for -- to be a key piece for this team. To help them get over that and bring everything that I bring to the table... Just to make a positive impact because a lot of things that I do don’t come on stat sheets and I don’t want the praise, I don’t want the recognition or things, I just want to win.

Robert Covington

The NBA All-Defensive First Team player (2018) is ready to team up with the core group and eager to get things underway in the West.

The ceiling is very high with Dame and CJ leading us at the forefront and Nurkic is a valuable piece down low. He’s a problem.

Robert Covington

And now all of Rip City is about to see how Covington is a problem to anyone he is guarding or helping off the ball to defend.

Thinking about the new ceiling with the Blazers Big 4 should be very exciting for Trail Blazers fans with training camp just around the corner.