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Blazers and Kings fans bewildered by 'Rim Hit Replay Trigger' end to game

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The Portland Trail Blazers wrapped up the First Half of the season with a three-game winning streak, finishing off with Sacramento on Thursday night.

But the Trail Blazers 123-119 victory over the Kings didn’t come without confusion.

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Portland went on a 12-0 run to take a 115-108 lead, but De’Aaron Fox was not ready to let the Trail Blazers walk away with the W yet. Fox hit two-straight threes to cut Portland’s lead to three, and then with 4.8 seconds left to play, the Blazers intentionally fouled in the backcourt sending Fox to the line to shoot two.

His first basket went in, but when he attempted to purposely miss the second shot so the Kings could win the game, he actually hit the rim.

The odd shot provoked the referees to enforce the “Rim Hit Replay Trigger.” We’ve never heard that one before.



Pandemonium ensued as Trail Blazer and Kings fans didn’t know what was happening.

Even the official Trail Blazers account didn’t know what was going on.

Ultimately, the NBA referees overturned the ruling, giving the Blazers’ the ball as it did hit the bottom part of the rim box and Enes Kanter had the rebound when the whistle was blown.

What an absolutely bizarre finish. We’re going to need all All-Star Break to dive into this one, and honestly, the referees should do some self-reflecting too.