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Two more NBA coaching vacancies is not good news for the Blazers

Trail Blazers

Two more NBA coaches -- Stan Van Gundy in New Orleans and Scott Brooks in Washington -- were relieved of their duties Wednesday and that likely will have an impact on the Trail Blazers' search to replace Terry Stotts.

Would one of those coaches be a candidate in Portland? I will tell you that I have no idea.

But what I do know is that two more teams now looking to hire a head coach is probably not good news for the Blazers. Including Portland, there are now six teams searching for a new coach -- which means more competition to get the very best candidates.

It means two more teams that could offer more money, a more attractive place to live, a better roster to coach, or a front office they are already familiar with. All sorts of possibilities.

For example, the Blazers have reportedly been interested in Chauncey Billups -- but he has also been rumored as a candidate in Boston and Orlando, Would Washington or New Orleans also be interested? Maybe. How many teams will interview Mike D'Antoni or Becky Hammon?

The most-sought-after candidates are going to be in a great position to get more money and a longer-term contract than usual when the smoke finally clears.

And, of course, the playoffs aren't even as far along as the conference finals. There may be even more vacancies soon.

The Trail Blazers are fortunate to have had a quick start in their search, because the hiring process could heat up in a hurry.