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Veterans Day holds special significance for Nassir Little

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Growing up in a military family, Trail Blazers forward Nassir Little knows a thing or two about hard work and discipline. 

And about early mornings. 

“A lot of early mornings, man. I remember as a toddler, like being up at 4:30am because they had to be to work at 5:30, so we was up early, getting us to daycare… Had to be presentable in public, couldn’t get stains on the shirt -- all that type of stuff,” Little explained on NBC Sports' 'The Bridge' with Justin Myers.

Running on military time is something, though, that Little has mentioned was a big help in preparing him for the NBA.

And it’s not as if his parents were the strictest military parents around. 

“It was tough, but my parents were more on the lenient side, so it wasn’t nothing crazy. It was a cool life. We got to travel a lot, so I enjoyed myself growing up.”

Little's parents, Harold and April, served in the Navy, and bounced around from Florida, to Virginia, to Hawaii, to Washington DC, to England and back to Florida before Nassir went to North Carolina. 

Nassir’s father played a major role in getting the now 20-year-old to where he is now. Little has mentioned time and time again that he couldn’t even begin to list all of the sacrifice his parents made for him.

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Veterans Day is a reminder for him about what his parents have done for him and for our country.

My dad -- he’s had deployments that were over a yearlong or about a yearlong. So, that’s tough on him, that’s tough on the families. And the type of sacrifices they make for our country should be acknowledged.

Nassir Little on 'The Bridge'

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With less than a month until training camp tips off for the 2020-21 season and Little’s sophomore campaign, the Trail Blazers forward is gearing up for another stint in Portland and carries with him the teachings and guiding principles from his parents.

Before that, though, as America celebrates Veterans Day Wednesday, Little wants to be sure to show his appreciation for the holiday.

It means a lot. Both of my parents have had people that have fallen on their field. I think they do deserve a lot of praise and credit for the sacrifices that they’ve made.

Trail Blazers forward Nassir Little

To all the brave men and women who have served this country, thank you.