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WATCH: Damian Lillard has a six-year old fan who knows what time it is!

Trail Blazers

Whether you call it Dame Time or Lillard Time, the NBA world knows what time it is in the final minutes of close games when Trail Blazers six-time All-Star Damian Lillard takes over. 

Lillard has proved his dominance during crunch time with performance after performance in his ability to take over games with his scoring and playmaking and, of course, his ability to hit clutch shots.

With the tap of the wrist -- that’s how we all remember what time it is.

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Even Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers fans know that.

Blair Frei, who says he’s a fan of the Jazz in his Twitter bio, but is sporting what seems to be a LeBron James Lakers jersey with his son on Twitter, shared an adorable video of his son on social media.

The six-year old took it coast to coast in his Utah Jazz uniform in front of all the adoring parents.


And what happens next is his respect for Lillard:  

Even though it wasn’t a game-winner, we can all admire that this six-year old from Utah knows what’s up.

Thanks for sharing, Blair!

We are always down to watch Dame Time.