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Why Derrick Jones Jr. is changing his jersey number with Blazers midseason

Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are going to be seeing a new jersey on the court soon when the team's big trade deadline acquisition, Norman Powell, joins the team.

But the team will have another unfamiliar-looking jersey on the court as well. It will be Derrick Jones Jr.

While Jones is a familiar face for Blazers fans, he will be switching his number from 55 to 5.

Jones had worn No. 5 during his days with the Miami Heat but couldn't wear that number because it already belonged to Rodney Hood.

But with Hood now gone as a part of the Norman Powell trade, the No. 5 opened up for Jones. He decided to take it. And there is a story behind Jones wearing the No. 5 jersey, as he shared with Andre Fernandez of The Athletic back in 2020.

Where I’m from back home (Chester, Pa.), me and my guys, our little clique, we called ourselves ‘500.’ You know how people say you keep it 100 with someone? Like when you always keep it real with them? Well for us, we kept it 500 with all of us. I always keep it 500 when I do something.

Derrick Jones, per Andre Fernandez of The Athletic

Jones hasn't always worn the No. 5. In Phoenix, it was retired, but he got to wear it in Miami.

Now, with it open in Portland, he wants a chance to wear it again to honor his friends back home. That's as good a reason as any to make an in-season switch.