Washington State Cougars

Washington State Cougars

In light of Mike Leach reportedly leaving Washington State to accept the head coaching position at Mississippi State, let's look back at "The Pirate's" best moments as a Cougar.

Leach has always been known for his theatrics and interesting opinions or tangents. His run at Washington State did not disappoint in that regard.

Let's dig in.

Mike Leach "hopes" Big Foot exists but isn't optimistic

He does however think Aliens exist... somewhere.

Mike Leach calls Autzen Stadium 'Middle-Earth'

Heading into a matchup this past season on the road against Oregon he spoke favorably about their stadium.

I’ve always like Autzen Stadium. It is one of my favorites in the country. Most people have it as the loudest, I would agree with that... [a] great looking stadium that looks like Middle Earth

Mike Leach demonstrates how to do a shovel pass...during his press conference


Leach claims his players are “fat, dumb, and happy and entitled”

Just this year, after Washington State gave up 50 points in the second half to UCLA, Leach gave a candid response about his players in the press conference:

We're a very soft team. We get a lot of good press. We like to read it a lot. We like to pat ourselves on the back, and if we get any resistance, we fold...They're fat, dumb and happy and entitled.

Leach ranks the Pac-12 mascots if they were going to fight

Again this season, Mike Leach was asked which Pac-12 mascot would win in a fight against all other Pac-12 mascots. His answer did not disappoint.

Leach bellyflops

Ahead of the Cougars’ season opener, the team went for a swim at a local pool. We got this fantastic video out of it. 


Once again, he roasts his players

If you’re a Cougar and your team plays poorly, be prepared for your coach to keep it real. 

Mike Leach sticks up for cats

He didn't think that cats got a fair shake,

When it comes to weddings "the women lose their minds"

Leach didn't care too much about how his wedding went. The women in his life did.

A compilation of his best quotes from 2019

Here's some more quotes from the man himself from his career in general

"The Pirate" will take his aerial assault, and his vibrant personality to the SEC. He will be missed, sort of.