What will really impact Oregon's chance of making it to the College Football Playoff?


Following their Week 2 upset over the then No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes, the Oregon Ducks, of course, quickly rose to the top of the list of favorites to make it to this year’s College Football Playoffs.

The Ducks exploited the Buckeyes defense in a 35-28 victory.

Led by the standout performance by CJ Verdell and his three touchdowns, the Ducks had a lead the entire game.

And now with the No. 3 Oregon Ducks leading the way in predictions to be one of the best teams in college football, it has given media members and former players the opportunity to predict the program's postseason chances. 

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Former Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington along with Pac-12 College Football Analyst Yogi Roth gave their take on if Oregon must go undefeated to make the Playoff n the latest episode of Talkin’ Ducks on NBCSNW.


Plus, how does the Pac-12 conference’s struggles so far this season impact the Ducks' chances?

“I don’t think that the rest of the Conference’s losses put any more pressure on Oregon because I still think, and maybe this is just a gut feeling, but they have to run the table in order to have a chance in the College Football Playoff," Harrington said. 

“I know that people are going to argue with me – ‘Oh, there’s always been a one-loss team.’ [But] the impression of the Pac-12 right now… This impression existed before the season started -- And I think what has happened is what the rest of the country thought -- there’s maybe one, maybe two teams that are decent in the conference and everybody else is sort of average.”

I think no matter the situation, Oregon probably would’ve had to go undefeated to make it in.

Joey Harrington

While Roth had a much different feeling on the matter. 

“For those who have the take that they need to run the table to get to the Playoff, I think that’s irresponsible. I don’t think that’s accurate at all,” Roth explained. “I think their win over Ohio State, you might argue – has a chance to be the best win of the season by a Power 5 team.”

Roth added that he doesn’t know how the College Football committee is going to look at Oklahoma and Ohio State or “teams that traditionally get a pass, even Clemson”, and if those powerhouse schools would look better than a one-loss Oregon team.

“I think right now Oregon is in a great position… I think that if Oregon plays at the level that their standard is, and what we’ve come to expect through the first three weeks of the season, even if they stumble once, I think they’re a playoff team.”

The Ducks will now open up Pac-12 play this Saturday hosting the 0-3 Arizona Wildcats.

Hear more from Harrington and Roth in the video above.