NCAA basketball

PSU, UP not cleared to practice, but Ducks, Beavers are? Why, Gov. Kate Brown?

NCAA basketball

Why are the local college basketball programs being treated differently than any other Division I programs in the country? I really don't understand it and it seems like some sort of clerical mistake. This can't be real, can it?

By now, if you pay attention to local sports, you know that even though Oregon and Oregon State have been given an exemption from COVID-19 restrictions by the governor's office in order to have basketball practice.

And you have probably also heard that the University of Portland and Portland State have not been granted that same exemption -- even though their plans include the same COVID-19 protocols as our two Pac-12 schools.

They are also believed to be the only two Division I schools in the country who have not been cleared to practice.

And make no mistake, there is no doubt these schools are putting safety first with their athletes.

“If we get cleared for full contact, we will test every day,” said Terry Porter, the former Trail Blazer who is the head coach of the Pilots, appearing on Friday’s "Rip City Mornings." “We are testing once a week now. We are trying to keep them on campus and that’s where the safety part comes.

“They are not doing anything that we feel puts them in harm’s way.”

Gov. Kate Brown controls this situation and I would hope somebody, by now, has told her how unfair this is. And I believe it simply must be an oversight. A mistake.


I mean, PSU is a state school and I would think it deserves the same treatment as its family members in Eugene and Corvallis. UP is a private institution with strong leadership that has been a contributing member of this community for a very long time and deserves respect from our government.

I understand that, historically, the politicians in this state have not been interested in sports -- pro or college. They might show up at a Timbers or Trail Blazers game once in a while -- and they are happy to jump on the bandwagon if one of our teams is doing well. But on the whole, they haven’t been advocates. And maybe Gov. Brown just doesn’t understand the situation.

The two schools have been told to resubmit their applications in 6-12 weeks -- which would be too late for them to play their full season.

This situation, though, is not just about sports. It’s not about basketball, really. You don’t have to care about the sport at all to understand how unfair this is -- not only to the student-athletes and their supporters -- but to the universities.

Does this bias towards U-Portland and Portland State extend beyond sports? Are we treating our colleges here in Portland differently for some unknown reason? Are their wishes not considered as important as OSU and UO?

I’d like to know why this is happening. Why, governor?