Sue Bird, Alex Morgan help launch media company TOGETHX to amplify women’s voices


Creating a platform for female athletes by female athletes is something that has never been done before… until now.

Some of the most powerful voices in women’s sports have come together to launch a media and commerce company designed to elevate women’s voices.

Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Simone Manuel and Chloe Kim teamed up to create TOGETHXR, a sports and lifestyle media company created just for women.

“When I was growing up, there was nothing like this,” Bird told NBC Sports’ On Her Turf. “Of all of the founders, I’m definitely the closest to the end [of my career]. When I think about legacy and what I’m leaving behind, I think this is an amazing way to keep pushing and telling stories and hopefully change the [media coverage] landscape."

The idea of TOGETHXR came after Morgan, a two-time FIFA World Cup Champion, helped U.S. Women’s Soccer win its third World Cup title. Morgan, who played for the Portland Thorns from 2013-15, began to take note of the discrepancies between male and female athletes, particularly in the sport of soccer.


“At the end of the day, there is definitely different coverage of men’s and women’s sports,” Morgan told NBC Sports.

I didn’t necessarily feel like girls and women were equally represented.

- Alex Morgan

Four-time WNBA champion Sue Bird echoed those sentiments, noting the lack of coverage given to women’s sports on television.

“That is insanely low considering how many women play sports,” Bird told NBC Sports. “[It’s as if] we’re a box to check. Like, ‘We have an hour-long show, let’s give a minute to the women. Check!’ There hasn’t been real thought behind how to cover [women’s sports].”

TOGETHX will look to amplify the voices of women and “celebrate competitiveness and triumph broadly, incorporating activism, culture, wellness, fashion, design, beauty and more,” according to the company’s release.

New content will air daily via TOGETHXR’s social channels, beginning with an upcoming series called Fenoma, which highlights 17-year-old national boxing campion  Chantel “Chicanita” Navarro.