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Meryl Davis, Charlie White talk dancing, celebrities, 2018 on Ellen (video)

Meryl Davis, Charlie White

What’s more intimidating than skating for Olympic gold?

“Having a photo shoot immediately following Heidi Klum,” Meryl Davis said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week.

The Olympic ice dancing champions Davis and Charlie White recounted stories from attending the Oscars, when they also made it to the Vanity Fair party with celebrities, including DeGeneres, who hosted the Oscars.

“All the most famous people you can imagine, so we’re trying to play it cool,” White said. “We don’t want to take any pics. Then I saw Bill Murray. I was like, yeah, I’ve got to take a picture with Bill Murray.”

Davis’ celebrity encounter came in a bathroom.

“I was washing my hands in the bathroom, and I looked up and Selena Gomez was standing on my right and Zooey Deschanel was standing on my left,” Davis said. “They were just having a conversation. I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool.’”

The Klum story occurred at a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

“They said, ‘Come on in, [Klum] is finishing up,’” Davis said. “They said, ‘OK, you guys are next.’ The only thing more terrifying than the Olympic Games is having a photo shoot immediately following Heidi Klum.”

“I didn’t look at her face,” White said. “I was intimidated. I regret that now.”

Davis and White also discussed going on “Dancing with the Stars.” White had the highest score on Monday’s season debut, while Davis tied for third in the 12-team field.

Davis said they had not decided yet if they will try for the 2018 Olympics, where they could become the second ice dance couple to win back-to-back gold medals.

“For the first time, I think we’re really allowing ourselves to be in the moment,” Davis said. “We’ll decide later on.”

DeGeneres said she hoped they would go for Pyeongchang, and then gave the dancers a special gift -- ballroom dancing shoes with skate blades fixed to the bottom.

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