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Japan’s prime minister wants to hold Robot Olympics in 2020

Mideast Iran RoboCup

In this Thursday, April 10, 2014 photo, humanoid robots play during a soccer match during the international robotics competition, RoboCup Iran Open 2014, in Tehran, Iran. Students from 22 countries including Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Pakistan, UAE, Canada, Turkey, Colombia, Egypt and Indonesia were competing during the three-day event. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)


In 2020, the youth of the world will assemble in Tokyo for the Olympics. Japan’s prime minister has designs on hosting another event in six years.

“In 2020, I would like to gather all of the world’s robots and aim to hold an Olympics where they compete in technical skills,” prime minister Shinzo Abe said, according reports citing Jiji Press agency. “We want to make robots a major pillar of our economic growth strategy.”

Abe said he wanted to create a “robotic revolution,” tripling the nation’s industry for the machines to $24 billion.

Abe might face a challenge from something called the RoboGames, which bills itself as the annual Olympics of Robots, including sumo bots and androids that do kung-fu.

But considering the Sochi Olympic torch relay went into outer space, to the bottom of Lake Baikal and the North Pole, maybe robots are the next frontier.

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