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Will Eagles consider sitting out games?

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The Eagles’ players haven’t announced exactly how they’re planning to take action to protest racial inequality and social injustice.

One thing they won’t be doing is sitting out games.

Doug Pederson said Saturday the Eagles are continuing to discuss details of what Rodney McLeod has called an “action plan” to try to fight racial inequality.

But Pederson did say sitting out games or even canceling practices is off the table.

“The guys feel strongly about practices and games and being out there and doing their jobs that way,” Pederson said. “We want to make sure that if something is done that we do it in the right way, and so having these conversations now to make sure things are properly done is where we're at right now and (we will) continue to carry on these conversations.”

In the wake of postponements over the past few days throughout the sports world to raise awareness of social injustice and spark a conversation about racism, there has been talk about NFL teams sitting out games once the regular season begins.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley said Friday the Giants have talked about not playing their opener against the Steelers on Monday Night Football in two weeks.

Several NFL teams have canceled practices over the past days, but the Eagles have continued to practice while also devoting time to extensive internal conversations about race.

Pederson did cancel team meetings Wednesday evening in order to have a team-wide conversation and open forum about issues facing minorities.