Sixers fans implode after embarrassing Game 2 loss

A Sixers fan with a headband over his eyes.

The Sixers were up against the odds heading into their first round matchup against the Celtics. No Ben Simmons, a team that failed to gel all year long, and tough recent postseason history against the Celtics? Not ideal.

But no one could've predicted the absolutely listless effort they put forth on Wednesday night in the second game of the series. 

After taking a double-digit lead in the first quarter, the Sixers were outscored by 29 points in the second and third quarters combined, and looked more like a lottery team than a playoff participant. The Celtics got whatever they wanted, and the Sixers looked helpless.

And Sixers fans... did not take it well. 

As in, they started melting down halfway through the third quarter, and kind of never stopped. 

The highlight of the meltdown was undoubtedly Sixers Twitter legend @GipperGrove, creator of #RaiseTheCat, struggling in real time through the brutal loss as a virtual fan:

And plenty of other Sixers fans, who viewed the loss as a microcosm of everything gone wrong for the Sixers organization over the last two years, chimed in with their own thoughts on the outing:

Sixers Twitter is usually able to laugh at their own pain, but Wednesday night's chatter had a different edge to it. This loss felt different. 

And, frankly, when Tobias Harris makes four of 15 shots, and Al Horford scores four points, it's hard to blame fans for wanting change. Joel Embiid wasn't the problem on Wednesday night. But it felt like everything, and everyone, else was.


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