We’re officially seven days out from the 2018 NBA draft.

As things heat up leading to draft night, we look at seven things you need to know regarding the Sixers before the event.

1. So many selections
The Sixers will be pretty busy on draft night. They have six total picks with two in the first round and four second-rounders.

Get up to speed on all of the Sixers’ slots and what teams they will have to jockey with in the lottery.

2. Take your pick
Well, who exactly do the Sixers have their eyes on in the draft? 

They have been rolling prospects into their training complex over the past week. With that said, one familiar face thinks he’s the “perfect fit” for the team. Meanwhile, a pair of lottery locks brought “tremendous spirit” to their workout for the for the organization.

3. The man for the job
In case you’ve been living in outer space for the past few weeks, you know by now that Brett Brown will be the man running the show come draft night after former Sixers president Bryan Colangelo resigned.

If anyone has proven they can adapt under tough circumstances and still represent the franchise in a positive light, it’s Brown.


4. Lending a helping hand
Brown will have plenty of support during the draft, mainly from Sixers vice president of player personnel Marc Eversley and vice president of basketball operations and chief of staff Ned Cohen.

But they’ll also have a new face in the building that knows a thing or two about talented players.

5. Keeping their eyes open
The Sixers will be locked in while making their selections, but there will also be plenty of outside attention on their decisions

That will come from the potential candidates to take over the front office.

6. Just an appetizer
While draft night will be big for the Sixers, it’s just setting the scene for a short time later when free agency gets underway. 

Of course, the big fish is LeBron James. Sixers players have started making their pitch and even some other Philadelphia sports stars have joined in on the recruiting act.

Although, not everyone is ready to let James take over their summer.

Still, a trade — perhaps for another one of the game’s best players — might shake everything up just the same.

7. Summer school
Once the draft and free agency dust settles, the only thing left will be for the fresh picks to take the court in Las Vegas.

The Sixers tip off their slate in the MGM Resorts NBA Summer League on July 6 against the rival Celtics.

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