Ben Simmons took a stand Saturday night, wearing a March for our Lives T-shirt in warmups and while on the bench during the Sixers’ win over the Timberwolves.

The 21-year-old Australia native spoke out against gun violence and demonstrated solidarity with those who participated in nationwide rallies that day.

“For me, growing up in Australia, I think there was a gun ban way back in the day where they bought back the guns,” Simmons said. “There hasn’t been any major shootings or anything like, no one carries around guns. For me, I think that’s very important. Just where I come from, you want kids to feel safe going to school and the parents.

“But I just don’t believe there’s any need to really have a gun. Maybe hunting, but that’s a different conversation. But it really sticks with me. I don’t really believe anybody should have to worry about somebody coming in and shooting up a place. That’s a scary thought.”

Simmons was not the only current and former NBA player to support the March for our Lives. Hall of Famer Bill Russell and Dwyane Wade posted photos, while LeBron James and Chris Paul were among those who tweeted their camaraderie. Carmelo Anthony helped provide buses to send 4,500 children from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. for the rally.