Harper doing his best to help 76ers reverse Celtics series


The Sixers' first-round series with the Celtics has basically gone as poorly as possible through two games.

To try and reverse that fortune, the team brought in a Philadelphia star athlete who is absolutely cooking in his own right - albeit in a different sport.

Bryce Harper served as the Sixers' official pre-game bell ringer, trying to replicate the full Wells Fargo Center experience despite playing Game 3 down in Orlando, Florida, in the NBA's restart bubble.

Harper smacked the heck out of a replica bell back in Philadelphia, while wearing the Phillies' best uniforms, the cream home alternates:

If anyone can fix the Sixers, it might be Harper. In his second year with the Phils, Harper is slashing .338/.471/.676 with six home runs and 16 RBI.

Frankly, Elton Brand should've called Harper and seen if he could fly to Orlando to start at the two-guard. It couldn't hurt, and I'm sure Harper could use a little break from the lead-blowing Phillies, too.

We'll see if Harper can improve his bell-ringing record; the first time he had the honor, back in April 2019, the Sixers lost a close one to the Bucks.

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