Stream: Sixers' Elton Brand discusses NBA trade deadline at 10 a.m. ET Friday

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Stream: Sixers' Elton Brand discusses NBA trade deadline at 10 a.m. ET Friday

On Thursday, the Sixers introduced new additions Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic and Mike Scott to the Philadelphia media.

On Friday morning, the man who brought them to town will explain his decisions.

At 10 a.m. ET, Sixers general manager Elton Brand will take questions from the media at the team's facility in Camden. He's expected to address the early Wednesday morning blockbuster with the Clippers that brought Harris and Co. to the 76ers, in addition to Thursday's move that brought in veteran James Ennis from Houston as well.

But let's not forget about the huge subtraction Brand made to his roster on Thursday as well, sending former No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz to the Orlando Magic. That topic alone could cover the bulk of Friday's press conference.

You can watch live on NBC Sports Philadelphia, or below via our live stream.

JJ Redick believes Sixers needed more team dinners on road last season

JJ Redick believes Sixers needed more team dinners on road last season

Philadelphia 76ers fans are generally excited about the new roster construction heading into the 2019-2020 season but there's no doubt the sharp shooting of JJ Redick will be missed.

Redick took his talents down to the bayou and will suit up for the New Orleans Pelicans this season. JJ joined ESPN NBA insider Zach Lowe on his podcast this week to talk about his new opportunity. They also reflected a bit on his time with the Sixers and the tough loss to the eventual NBA Champion Toronto Raptors in the playoffs after four bounces of a Kawhi Leonard desperation shot.

JJ is open about the fact that the decision to move on to New Orleans was partly financial.

"I never got the sense that [the Sixers] didn't want to bring me back, unfortunately it came down to a little bit of economics," Redick said.

Jimmy Butler's decision to move on to the Miami Heat obviously precipitated that move. Redick speaks highly of Butler regardless of his decision.

"I love Jimmy. I would play with Jimmy again," Redick said. "He is in the upper tier of two-way players and in the upper tier of offensive players in the NBA period."

So Redick has moved on to New Orleans, but it's tough not to think back to what could have been. There was a point in the Toronto series where Redick believed the Sixers were capable of winning the NBA championship last season.

"Joel and I spent some time together after the season and we talked about it. It was Game 4 [against Toronto] for us. We lost that game and I felt like, for most of that game, we had control, not just that game but that series. We had a chance to go up 3-1. That was the opportunity that we missed. You lose that game and it's 2-2 and you've got to win 2 out of 3 against Toronto and that's a tough task."

One other interesting nugget from Redick's time in Philly was his sharing that he believed they didn't do enough team dinners on the road.

"I wish, I've tried, I wish, the team meal on the road is huge. I think it's huge. We didn't do it enough last year in Philly. We tried. It wasn't enough. Some of that, look, nobody wants to be forced to go to dinner. It's got to be real and authentic."

Some other choice quotes from the pod below.

On Ben Simmons getting a jumper.

"Ben works. He worked all of last off season. I witnessed him during the season get his shots up after practice every day. I think he'll be able to shoot at some point. A lot of it is confidence. He can shoot a high enough clip when he's shooting spot shots that it should translate to shooting threes in a game. The video that went viral, looks to me like he's shooting with some confidence there."

Lowe also asked JJ about the dagger shot in Toronto.

"I was on the bench," Redick said. "I sort of had that perfect angle cause as soon as the ball had come in bounds I sort of walked on to the baseline. Not on the court, but onto the baseline so I could get a straight-on view of the action. My memory may be a little jogged but my arms were crossed, I was watching the ball bounce around the rim, and it went in. I'm not sure I had any initial reaction, I think it was just shock. Part of you wants to walk off the floor and punch a wall and the other part of you, if I'm the Raptors, I'd want to dap up the people that I had just played a seven game series against. I stayed on the court and talked to Kyle, Marc, Kawhi, Danny and those guys. Told them I hope they win a championship and walked off. Then you get back to the locker room and you see the emotion, I was obviously feeling emotional, then Joel started crying. Those are the sorts of moments that you don't forget. As much as you don't forget the shot, the aftermath of moments like that, you just don't forget. There's just a lot of raw emotion."

You can listen to JJ's entire conversation with Zach Lowe right here.

Joel Embiid lost weight ... but not his sense of humor

Joel Embiid lost weight ... but not his sense of humor

After a disappointing postseason, Joel Embiid faced much scrutiny. He dealt with knee tendinitis and illnesses which didn’t allow him to be at his best. It also seemed to suck the joy out of the normally charismatic center.

He took that Game 7 quadruple doink hard, visibly crying on the floor and making sure to call out his detractors during exit interviews.

And it appears he’s taking his health more seriously. The All-Star big man claims to have lost 25 pounds in a recent video where he took on the Paqui One Chip Challenge. While it’s encouraging to hear that Embiid has been working on his fitness this offseason, it’s also good to see he still has his typical sense of humor. 

During the video, he eats a chip dipped in black seasoning that’s made with Carolina Reaper Pepper, which is “certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest chili pepper.” Embiid eats the chip and tries to downplay the intensity of the heat, repeating over and over again “I’m African” and that he “doesn’t feel anything” – while he’s wilting on the floor in agony and chugging milk.

It was Embiid being himself. 

And It was good to see him covered in sweat and crying for a different reason.

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