If you missed Monday night's Sixers game, here's a quick three-word recap: it was bad.

After a relatively close-fought first half, everything came apart at the seams in the second half. Jimmy Butler smoked his former team with 38 points in 28 minutes, the Sixers failed to play a shred of defense, and they were run off the floor in a laugher, losing by 31.

The loss is the Sixers' third straight, and they dropped to 9-18 on the road this season, a concerning trend considering it seems they might miss out on home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Understandably, Sixers fans didn't take things well. This team, once thought to be a legit contender, simply hasn't looked the part.

Plenty of fans were not having a good time:

Some chose to focus on the fact that general manager Elton Brand seems to have constructed a roster that simply doesn't work:

Others opted to think about Thursday's trade deadline, hoping that a shrewd move or two might be able to save the team from spiraling further:

Even good old Stephen A. Smith got in on the action:


It was a bad night, all around. 

The Sixers don't play again until a showdown with the East-leading Bucks on Thursday evening, the final game of their current road trip. Should be... fun.

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