Joel Embiid returned to action Wednesday night after a five-game absence, and he wasted absolutely zero time reminding us that basketball is better when he's playing.

Early in the second quarter, Mike Scott - who has returned to form after a brutal first half of the season - threw down a truly vicious slam over an unhappy Pistons defender.

Embiid capitalized on his teammate's success, and gave us the celebration of the night:

First off, what a great dunk from Scott. He saw the lane open up, took the initiative, and flushed it home. Good stuff.

But the real victory is clearly Embiid's celebration, which - I mean, how in the world does he not get T'd up here? That's a very clear, aggressive "blocking" sign in the man's face, while he's on the ground. Embiid wasn't the dunker, so maybe he got a little leniency from the refs, but that is astounding. Thank you, refs, for letting Joel be Joel.

This clip from @Sixers gives us a different angle and a solid, slo-mo look at Embiid's forceful flex:

Unsurprisingly, Embiid's reaction resonated with social media:

Joel is back.

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