Updated: 9:57 p.m.

The #FreeJah movement is now in full effect in Brooklyn, where Jahlil Okafor has played in just one of six games since being traded by the Sixers.

Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson is hesitant to give Okafor big minutes just yet until the center works his way into game shape. 

Sound familiar?

"A lot of the guys are in midseason form, where I feel like I'm at the start of the season because I haven't really played," Okafor told the New York Post. "I have to catch up to a lot of guys.

"That's why I'm happy I'm here with the actual NBA coaching staff that's taking care of me every day. When I was in Philly I was figuring it out on my own. I had my own trainer [Rick Lewis] that I've been working with since eighth grade working me out. But it's a different level when you're actually working with an NBA staff."

An "actual NBA coaching staff" ... "actually working with an NBA staff." Those aren't subtle digs at the Sixers. Those are pretty straightforward.

The Sixers gave Okafor multiple chances over his first two seasons but moved away from him this season, when he played 25 total minutes in two games before the trade to Brooklyn.


Okafor's stint with the Nets isn't off to a fast start, and it's clear he holds the Sixers responsible for some of that.

On Tuesday night, Okafor clarified his comments.

"I've expressed countless times the love I have for the Philly coaching staff," he said in an Instagram story on his account. "I don't 'blame' them for anything. Hate that my quote was taken out of context. Nothing but love and appreciation for everyone there."