Bryan Colangelo is no longer part of the Sixers’ organization, and it appears his father is right behind him.

In an interview mostly about his role as director of Team USA, Jerry Colangelo revealed that his contract with the Sixers as a special adviser will not be renewed. 

Colangelo didn’t expand too much on his son’s departure but confirmed that he wasn’t long for the Sixers' organization either, saying his deal is “over at the end of the year.”

“I haven’t made any public comments about what transpired,” Colangelo said. “I don’t think it would be appropriate. It’s a very difficult summer for him, and his family.”

This news obviously comes as no surprise, but it’s an awkward situation that both parties seem to want to avoid at the moment. Bryan Colangelo resigned from his role as the head of basketball operations after it was revealed that his wife, Barbara, ran a series of burner Twitter accounts that revealed sensitive information and criticized players and head coach Brett Brown.

The elder Colangelo assumed his role with the team after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver intervened following three of years of Sam Hinkie’s process. While Jerry constantly deflected the credit for Josh Harris and company hiring Bryan, the whole situation always seemed odd.

While the Sixers will honor Jerry Colangelo’s contract, don’t expect the 78-year-old to have much influence on the team’s decision makers going forward.


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