If getting dunked on by an NBA All-Star is your thing, you might want to join a pickup game at 10th and Lombard. 

Joel Embiid is taking on all comers, and he's showing absolutely zero mercy. Even if you're over a foot shorter than the seven-foot Embiid, he will posterize you.

After dunking all over an overmatched pickup player Friday, Embiid was at it again. This time, NBC Sports' Rob Dauster tweeted out an absurd video of Embiid tossing the ball off a defender's face and then throwing in a vicious windmill dunk.

Twitter user @rjwalter5 captured Embiid terrorizing the same defender.

That hoop doesn't look like it can take much more punishment — Embiid nearly brought the whole thing down. 

Here's another look at Embiid literally throwing the ball off someone's face, plus another dunk, this one a bit more traditional.


Stay tuned for updates ... chances are more videos are coming of Embiid owning every person who dared step foot on that court.