Hours before the official start of free agency, Joel Embiid made a not-so-subtle case against the Lakers.

Embiid said back in May that he was excited to help the Sixers recruit free agents, and it looks like he’s starting a little early, before the games officially begin Sunday at midnight, with this tweet.

While that’s not explicitly telling free agents why they should join the Sixers, it’s absolutely making a case against coming to Los Angeles. 

One could certainly argue that Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Elgin Baylor also belong in the list of iconic Lakers, but you can see the argument Embiid is trying to make. Would LeBron James, Paul George or Kawhi Leonard, all of whom have been linked with the Lakers, be able to build a lasting legacy in Los Angeles? Embiid obviously thinks not. 

Ben Simmons, who shares an agent with James and is a good friend of the four-time MVP, posted a cryptic message on Instagram yesterday with a picture of himself and James (see story).

The Lakers are currently considered the favorites for James, who declined his player option Friday (see story). Along with Los Angeles, the Cavaliers and the Sixers are the other two teams who could easily make room to sign James outright. 


After vacationing in Anguilla, James arrived Saturday in Los Angeles, where he owns a home. Once the clock strikes midnight, all his suitors will be able to officially make their case.

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