From touching tributes, to videos remembering his life and legacy left behind and all of the emotional and heartfelt posts in between, it’s safe to say Kobe Bryant has left a lasting impact on just about every person who knows his name.

More than anything though, he was a family man. It was always apparent that his wife and daughters came before everything else. When the world rushed to their televisions and phones while the devastating news was unfolding, it wasn’t memories of his best performances on the court that people remembered first  — it was the moments with his family, the wholesome video of him and Gigi courtside, any content that would bring a smile to someone’s face through the tears. If anything, the past few days has showcased the life he lived and how it was taken from him much too quickly.

Next from his family, was the absolute dedication he had to the game of basketball. As one of the most decorated athletes and notable names in the world of sports, an idea has sparked and surfaced on all ends of media to change the NBA logo, that currently displays the silhouette of former Laker, Jerry West, to Kobe Bryant.

It would be one of the most powerful tributes to immortalize an icon in sports … and even that is an understatement. Before sparking the debate of ‘should or should not,’  — looking back, West has also had a history of saying he believes the logo should change … and what better time to do so? No one captures the essence of the NBA like Kobe.


While this interview came out in 2017, it is as timely as ever and worth a legitimate discussion.

This petition has been circulating and in just two days, has been signed by over two million people. From the time I began writing this, to the time it was posted, there were over 140,000 additional signatures.

And the discussion has been just about everywhere you look.

There may be no better way to honor one of the greatest of all time.