The last two years of NBA All-Star Game jerseys have been underwhelmingly monochrome, but by the looks of some early leaks, we may be starting the new decade on the right foot.

A slip-up from the folks at Champs Sports surfaced some images of the jerseys Thursday, giving us an (apparent) early glimpse at this year's All-Star Game fashion. Of course, the final product could vary, but it seems this year's outfits will feature bright colors and a satisfyingly subtle pinstripe:

The colossal six-point star in the center of the jersey, which might be too big, is a nod to Chicago's city flag. The jersey could also do with a smaller "All-Star" wordmark across the chest: believe us, we know an All-Star jersey when we see one.

The jersey's back sides are big victories: it's a good font for the numbers; name on back-under-number is a sharp and modern look; and the six-point star is thankfully much smaller here.

Overall, these are huge improvements from the black-and-white themes of 2018 and 2019. The pinstripes follow the recent revival of pinstriped throwback jerseys like the old purple Hornets and Raptors looks, which is a good decision. 

Here's a look at a blue version of the uniform:

Yep, these are good.


The All-Star Game's starters are slated to be announced Thursday night on TNT. Joel Embiid could be a starter, and he will definitely be an All-Star. 

Outside of Embiid, it's unclear how many Sixers players will get the chance to actually don one of these uniforms in Chicago on Feb. 16. Ben Simmons has done his best to make a case over the last seven games, but it's going to be close.

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