There’s a lot more to Mike Scott than The Office references and emoji tattoos (though we ask him about both!) 

He might not grab the headlines like The Bobi and Tobi show, but he’s got just as much personality. And he’s 100 percent authentic. By the end of our conversation, which is a mix of our own and fan questions, we hope you get to know one of the newest Sixers a little better. 

What was your first tattoo you ever got and why?

My first tattoo (points to his left tricep) was Laugh Now, Cry Later (seen in picture below). And I got it because, I just got it. I didn't really have a reason. I was just like, that's dope! I'm going to get that. I was in college my junior year, so I just got it. A couple of my friends had it already. It's a stupid reason, but that's why I got it, honestly.

Speaking of college, what was your recruitment process like with Virginia? Didn’t you commit to Temple?

I signed to Temple out of high school. John Chaney came to my house, ate dinner, came to my high school, watched me work out, I was locked in. My dad was like, yup, we're going to Temple. I signed. And then (Chaney) resigned, and I got out of there and went to Hargrave (Military Academy) and that's how I ended up going to Virginia. At the time, the head coach was Dave Leitao and then Rob, who recruited me, grew up in Virginia, and I liked the program. Two of my closest friends out of high school that were at Hargrave, they were going to Virginia for football, so it was perfect. 


You were a big Allen Iverson fan growing up. Do you have a favorite A.I. moment?

Gotta be when he took that team to The Finals and they won that first game and he hits Ty Lue with the (Mike completely lights up here as he mimics A.I., imagine sound effects and all), and then stepped over him. How can you not like that? He did all he could with that team. They still got beat pretty bad 4-1, but they won the first game. A.I. is from the crib, he from VA so I'm always a big A.I. fan no matter what.

What is something you are obsessed with outside of basketball?

Video games. I'm a big video gamer. NBA2K. Fortnite. Call of Duty.

Favorite movie?

I have 10 of them. I count Bad Boys 1 and 2 as one movie. Napoleon Dynamite. He Got Game. Paid In Full. Scarface. Belly. Above The Rim. National Security. Boyz n the Hood. Life, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

If you were not a professional basketball player, you would be _______?

Damn, I was always a fan of barbershops. You always need a haircut. I like kids, so maybe something with kids, coaching kids. I like to reach out to kids because I feel like I can relate to them. Daycare center. You always need someone to watch your kids and you always need a haircut.

How do you like your Philly cheesesteak?

I haven't had one yet since I've been here, but I guess how everyone eats it. Regular. Onions, peppers. What everyone eat, I'ma get that. I'm going to try it all.

Most listened to song right now?

Future's new album called The WZRD.

Biggest pet peeve?

People who do too much. You don't have to do too much, just be humble, I'll say that.

The most asked questions I got from fans were reference to The Office. Are you annoyed by all The Office references all the time?

Nah. I never watched it in high school and when I got to UVA for college, I started catching on to the jokes and was like, I guess I've got to start watching this show. It's more sarcasm, dry humor, my speed, I liked it.

The follow up from the fans, do people actually call you...


(At this point Mike finishes my sentence for me.)

The Threegional?

I mean online, but not like, ‘Hey Mike, The Threegional!’ Nah, they just call me Mike. Or emoji man or something.

Anything you're afraid of? Like spiders or anything?

I actually like spiders. I have a spider on the back of my neck (which he shows me), and I have a spiderweb (*points to the tattoo on his elbow).

Why do you like spiders?

I don't know. I just f*** with them. When I was little, I found a black widow under my steps in my backyard and I caught it, and I trapped it in a little jar. Of course it died. And I don't know, I just always ... it's weird, man, it's weird. I don't like snakes. I don't like sharks. I don't like cats. Too mysterious, can't read 'em. But I like spiders. It's weird, I know. 

Top 5 favorite emoji tattoos?

Of course, my favorite is the eyes 👀, so many meanings. (Mike peruses over his arms, searching for the rest of his favorites) I've got my two girls right here 👯 Twin nieces. Of course, the middle finger, two tickets to the gun show (flexing biceps at this point). And, I do not care at all (which is symbolically inked with three emojis, an eyeball 👁, a donut  🍩 and a carrot 🥕).

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