The Sixers responded on Saturday to what general manager Elton Brand called "inappropriate and offensive social media posts" from Bob Muscala, the father of Mike Muscala.

Brand said in a statement released by the team that he is confident Bob Muscala's offensive posts aren't reflective of Mike's beliefs, and that Mike has the organization's full support.

Mike Muscala apologized for his father's posts, calling them "uncalled for and inappropriate."

The Sixers acquired Muscala on July 25 from the Atlanta Hawks. The 27-year-old has averaged 5.4 points and 2.3 rebounds in five NBA seasons.

It appears that Bob Muscala sent the offensive posts from the twitter account @MuskieBobber, which had the description "'After Burner' account."

The account frequently tweeted about the Sixers' recent trip to China, including a photo showing a press credential for "Robert Muscala," and often tweeted about Mike Muscala. @MuskieBobber also followed numerous reporters who cover the Sixers.

That account was deleted at approximately 4:43 p.m. Saturday, after responding to a question about a tweet calling the behavior of the Minnesota Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler "egomaniacal, African American mental illness."

@MuskieBobber replied, "it was poorly stated comment by me. I regret any/all problems caused by my poor grammar and choice of words. Brief tweets can cause problems like this." The account was deleted minutes later.


There were also a number of other inflammatory tweets recently sent from the account.



In his statement, Brand said, "This situation is also a reminder to our players, coaches and staff of the potential impact – both positive and negative – of social media. We will use this situation to once again review, monitor and discuss appropriate social media usage across all areas of our organization."