Source: Brett Brown will return as Sixers' head coach for 2019-20 season

Source: Brett Brown will return as Sixers' head coach for 2019-20 season

Well, apparently the rumors were “bulls---.”

Brett Brown will return for his seventh season as the Sixers’ head coach, a team source confirmed Monday night to NBC Sports Philadelphia. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was first to report the news.

Brown met with GM Elton Brand and managing partner Josh Harris on Monday night “to discuss offseason priorities, including draft and free agency,” per Wojnarowski. The trio will address the media Tuesday morning starting at 9 a.m.

Reports surfaced before Game 7 that Brown’s job may be in trouble if the Sixers were unable to reach the Finals. After losing to the Raptors in Game 7 Sunday night, the Sixers failed to make the Eastern Conference Finals, a round they haven’t reached since 2001.

Brown’s players staunchly defended their coach during exit interviews Monday (see story). If ownership had any intention of letting Brown go, perhaps the strong words of one of its franchise players changed its mind.

“I was off social media. I heard a lot of these rumors and stuff. I just thought it was bulls---,” Joel Embiid said at the team’s practice facility Monday. “He’s done a fantastic job. He’s been there through everything, and then this year I think he grew even more as a coach. It’s hard when you've got five guys that can score the ball and that can do a lot of things on the basketball court. It’s hard to put it together. At the end of the day, it comes down to the players. I don’t think he should have anything to worry about. He’s an amazing coach, better person. Obviously I’ve got a lot of love for him. If there was someone to blame, put it all on me.”

After serving as an assistant for the Spurs under Gregg Popovich, Brown was originally hired by then-GM Sam Hinkie in 2013. Brown compiled a 47-199 record in his first three seasons while the team continued to pile up assets. Hinkie was forced to resign in 2016 and Bryan Colangelo took over.

After the organization had built optimism with a finally healthy Embiid and Ben Simmons coming into the fold, Colangelo signed Brown to an extension through the 2021-22 season. When Colangelo was forced to resign because of the Collargate scandal, Brown briefly held the post of president of basketball operations on an interim basis.

Brand was then hired on Sept. 18, 2018, and made two franchise-altering trades for pending free agents Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. Lofty expectations were placed on the Sixers, but they again failed to make it out of the second round.

With Embiid’s constant health issues, Simmons still figuring things out at just 22 and a razor thin bench, pitting it all on Brown didn’t seem fair — not that fair always enters the equation in times like this.

Suffice it to say, Brown has been through a lot and all he's done is lead the organization to back-to-back 50-win seasons for the first time since 1986. He’s been the lone stabilizing force in an organization that’s been shrouded in turmoil. His connection with his players speaks volumes.

“My relationship with Brett Brown is he coached my dad, I've known him since I was born,” Simmons said. “Have a great relationship off the court. On the court, he's helped me get to a place in my game where I'm feeling comfortable and got a lot of confidence at the point guard position. Most coaches probably wouldn't have [made me a point guard], so he gave me an opportunity that was rare. I'm grateful for that and I try to just take the opportunity and make the most of it. I got a lot of love for Coach Brown.”

When the two franchise cornerstones have your back, you’re in pretty good shape.

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Celtics' Al Horford will reportedly hit free agency after opting out of player option

Celtics' Al Horford will reportedly hit free agency after opting out of player option

The Celtics’ offseason isn’t off to a terrific start.

Unsurprisingly, it appears All-Star guard Kyrie Irving will leave in free agency. GM Danny Ainge also reportedly took a swing for All-Star big man Anthony Davis, but was outbid by the Lakers.

But what transpired Tuesday may hurt them more than anything. Earlier in the day, it was reported that Al Horford would not opt in to his $30.1 million player option, but there was optimism the sides could strike a multi-year deal. Now it’s being reported that “the gulf is too great” between Boston and Horford’s camp and the veteran big will hit the market looking for a three- or four-year deal.

Uh oh.

Horford’s stats won’t blow you away — 13.5 points, seven rebounds per game as a Celtic — but he’s arguably their most indispensable player. While Irving’s departure almost seemed inevitable during Boston’s playoff run, Horford possibly jumping ship is pretty jarring. 

When the Sixers play Boston, Horford is tasked with guarding Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons. How many players in the league are capable of guarding both, let alone doing it at a high level? The answer is likely zero. 

Ainge was right to hold on to Jayson Tatum in negotiations for Davis, but it’s going to be tough to build a championship-caliber roster with the pieces the Celtics have and what cap room they have left. They could make a deal for a veteran point guard like Memphis’ Mike Conley. Ainge still has an excellent trade piece in the Grizzlies’ protected 2020 first-round pick. 

With all the uncertainty surrounding the Celtics, Raptors and Bucks, it would seem to make even more sense for Elton Brand to #RunItBack with Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. The Eastern Conference — and perhaps even the entire NBA — may be wide open.

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6 takeaways from Sixers GM Elton Brand ahead of the 2019 NBA draft

6 takeaways from Sixers GM Elton Brand ahead of the 2019 NBA draft

Sixers GM Elton Brand spoke to reporters Tuesday ahead of the NBA draft Thursday night. Here are six takeaways including how close Brand thinks they are, "optionality" with five picks and more.

The agony of defeat

Any time you're not the last team standing at the end of the NBA season, it's not going to sit well. For Brand and the Sixers, watching the Toronto Raptors hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy stings a little more after taking them to seven games.

But Brand is looking ahead, and giving the reigning NBA champions their stiffest fight is only fueling him to make his team better.

"Hats off to the champs, but it just shows me that we were close," Brand said. "We are so close. So my goal this summer is to get better through the draft, through free agency, whatever we have to do and be able to compete again at that level. It definitely hurts. From the players to the coaches to my staff – we want to grow and we want to get better."

Embiid and Ben Simmons didn't take the loss well. Especially Embiid, who appeared to take all of the questions about his health and ability to play against Marc Gasol to heart.

Brand is confident his young All-Stars are prepared to use it all as motivation.

"A lot of promises, vows – it's raw. It hurts," Brand said. "You're passionate. 'I can't believe we lost like that.' They've been in the gym, they've been rehabbing, they've been working hard, so the goal is to just keep the momentum. How do we take that into the summer? But they've been executing their plans. They're still hungry. They still feel that pain to lose how they lost. As tough as it was losing like that, we're going to get better from it."

Character evaluations

Pre-draft workouts are a good opportunity for Brand and his staff to learn a little more about prospects. It gives them a chance to talk to the player 1-on-1 and see what they're all about. But it doesn't end there.

I don't want to give too much intel, but we talked to people that pick up their laundry," Brand said. "It's a whole range of people. From their coaches, their mom, their family, but we get specific intel, then we meet with them. It's different. It's like an interview. You're on your best behavior. So we try to just get to know them the best we can, know their personalities, talk to middle school coaches, high school coaches, just to be clear on what kind of person they are.

What kind of character are the Sixers are looking for?

"Tough, hard-nosed, respectful, wants to get better. Treat your teammates with respect. Younger players, we like a high IQ. A guy that knows how to play defense, make the right pass, take the shot when warranted and competitive. We want tough competitors that can think the game."

Feels like the first time

It's easy to forget that Brand wasn't named GM until after the draft last season. While he was part of the process, Brett Brown held the interim general manager title.

This year, Brand is running the show and will have final say.

"The first thing I learned is making a recommendation vs. making a call, there's a big difference," Brand said. "Under Bryan [Colangelo], it was, 'Oh yeah, that sounds good.' But now I'm making the call – that's a big difference. A lot of posturing going on. You talk to a team about future picks and it's like, 'Oh no, we don't want to give up futures.' But now as the draft comes along, getting calls like, 'Hey, would you consider it?' Similar to the trade deadline. Very similar to the trade deadline with everyone trying to get an angle and trying to get an advantage for their organization and their team."

With the team being so close and looking for guys that can contribute right away, Brand definitely understands the responsibility of being the one that pulls the trigger.

"It's definitely much more pressure than making a recommendation. Last year, I was just like, 'Yeah, this guy can shoot, I saw him in L.A. His change of motion, he can get to the rim. He has a short neck like me, but he's really taller.' Just whatever it is. But now I'm making that call, so there's more pressure to get it right, especially for the trajectory of our team, because we need young talent. Even if we do get to the championship level we aspire to, I don't want to fall off a cliff either. I want to have talent in the kiddies so they can grow and get better."


"Optionality" was a word former general manager Sam Hinkie used often and fondly during the days of "The Process," and it's one Brand returned to several times Tuesday when describing the Sixers' outlook heading into the draft. With five picks, it sounds like just about everything is a possibility.

Having the five picks, that gives us that optionality. If there's a player that we're targeting that looks like they could be available, we could move up. We could move back. We could move out. We could sell a pick. That's what's great about having those options. Regarding selling the picks, [it's a] possibility. There's some later picks that teams would pay for, and if we don't have anybody on our draft board that we want to grow with the Blue Coats or come to the G League, that's a possibility.

Because the Sixers have only four players guaranteed to be under contract next season and will need to commit a substantial amount of money should they wish to sign free agents Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, using four or even all five of the selections the team currently holds could be an appealing idea. That said, it's just one of many options on the table for what promises to be an eventful Thursday evening.

Looking for immediate contributors 

Unlike in previous years, when the Sixers were building for the future and willing to select developmental players, this draft is about snagging players who can help as rookies.

"We definitely are looking for players that can compete for a spot to be in our top-eight right now," Brand said.

That mindset has been reflected in the players the Sixers have brought in for pre-draft workouts – plenty of prospects in the 21 to 23-year-old range, with seasoned games and little projection required about their ability to play in the NBA. 

Senior director of scouting Vince Rozman has said the team is targeting "mature" players, which doesn't necessarily exclude one-and-done prospects. But, if there was any doubt, Brand made it clear Tuesday the Sixers are not going to place a high value on players with potential who lack an NBA-ready skill. 

"You're looking for a guy that can contribute right now," Brand said, "which starts with a specific skill where Brett [Brown] can look down that bench and say, 'All right, I need defense. … Oh, I need some shotmaking. The defense might not be there or something else might not be there, but I know I can get this from this rookie.' Just something that they can contribute right away and they might not be elite at it, but they'll be good at it."

Willing to wait

Brand and the Sixers have been consistent over the last five weeks in describing the type of players they'll be targeting in the draft.

However, Brand clarified Tuesday that the team won't automatically eliminate players who can't contribute immediately, whether that's because they need more time to develop overseas or because they're currently injured. 

"With the five picks, it depends on where – later in the second round, one of those picks, if the value proposition is there and you're like, 'OK, he has to rehab and get better,' you think of that because in two years, we're going to need talent. But the appetite to wait, it's all going to be determined on the clock and who the player is."

Nineteen-year-old Croatian forward Luka Samanic is one player who the Sixers might consider worth the wait if he's available late in the second round, though Samanic said at his pre-draft workout with the Sixers that he believes he's capable of playing in the NBA next season.

Auburn's Chuma Okeke, who tore his ACL during the NCAA Tournament, is one player who could slip in the draft because of his injury. His "3 and D" skills would seem to fit well on the Sixers. 

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