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10 of the best random Philly sports guys you remember

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10 of the best random Philly sports guys you remember

Philly sports fans have been remembering some guys since the first ball was thrown at the Baker Bowl or Shibe Park over a century ago. The folks at Deadspin popularized the online version of “Remembering Some Guys.” And when the bamboo strikes real good, sometimes we want to remember some Philly guys on social media as NBC Sports Philly’s Twitter and Facebook accounts prompted on Tuesday evening.

The responses were clear: people love remembering some Philly sports guys.

Here are 10 of our favorite responses.

One of the more popular responses was pitcher Antonio Alfonseca who had an unremarkable stint in Philly in 2007 but is frequently remembered for being a polydactyly. He had six fingers on one hand and Wikipedia says his nickname was "El Pulpo" which translates to "The Octopus." Tough to forget that guy.

Did Michael Zordich invent Zubaz? You’d probably believe me if I told you he did. What do we remember about Mike Zordich? Mostly just the look.

Willie Burton broke the record for points scored in a game at the Spectrum by a Sixer when he went off for 53 in an improbable game in 1994. Remember that?

I’m not a big hockey guy so picking a rando was tougher but I was always a fan of Luca Sbisa because the guy’s name was Luca and he was a hockey player from Italy. Amazing.

Reno Mahe and Gizmo Williams.

These two were among the most-frequently mentioned in our polling. People like to remember special teamers, it seems. The best thing I remember about Reno was that he worked at Chickie’s and Pete’s while playing for the Eagles. Talk about lunch pail kinda guy. Plenty of people remember Gizmo because the guy’s name was Gizmo and he flipped. People remember flips.

What do we remember about Kjell Samuelsson? Dude was huge! Like a Chewbacca on skates.

People love to remember Dickie Thon and Rick Schu. I think it's the quirky names. Fun fact: Dickie’s name was actually Richard. Rich Schu had the unenviable job of taking over third base for Mike Schmidt. Tough job.

Markelle Fultz. Lol. Remember that guy?

That was fun. You know who I remember? Raja Bell. Pretty good name for a guy playing in Philly. Plus, Kobe eventually hated him. David, too, I guess. He hit for the cycle once.

Who else do you remember?

On Chase Utley Retirement Night: 26 times he was the Man

On Chase Utley Retirement Night: 26 times he was the Man

When you were one of the hardest working players in the game and you called Citizens Bank Park home for over a decade, Philadelphia is going to love you.

Chase Utley was just that and, boy, did Philadelphia love him.

No. 26 returns to Philly this weekend to be honored on Chase Utley Retirement Night at the ballpark when the Phillies take on the Miami Marlins this evening. It's sure to be an emotional night.

The memories are sure to come pouring back when Utley takes the microphone in front of the Philly faithful.

One of the most vivid memories of his career is of legendary Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas giving Chase his nickname.

The Man.

It stuck. Mostly because it was so true. Chase was The Man. And Philadelphia loves him for it.

Here are 26 times Chase lived up to that nickname and was The Man. In no particular order. A similar version of this post originally appeared on this site in 2016 after Chase was traded to the Dodgers.

1. Utley’s first hit with the Phillies was a grand slam at the Vet. This was long before he became the fan favorite and WFC he is today, but it was an early glimpse that this guy does things a little bit differently.

2. The fakeout-throw-em-out in Game 5 of the 2008 World Series. If there’s one play on the field that comes to mind when Phillies fans think of Chase, to me it is this one. Chase was always prepared, always knew the situation, and had the ability to act on his feet.

3. 2008 World Series Game 3 back-to-back home runs with Ryan Howard. Chase did it with more than just his defense when he brought it with his bat in the series that brought Philly that much needed parade.

4. The origin of The Man. Harry and Chase, forever linked. Two of Philadelphia’s sporting treasures.

5. The guy even loved dogs. Of course Chase and his wife Jennifer loved animals and worked tirelessly with the Pennsylvania SPCA and also created the Utley All-Star Animals event.

6. Mac’s letter to Chase. Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you Chase because you and me are so alike. I'd like to meet you one day, it would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as you but I think you'd be impressed with my speed. I love your hair, you run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. I hope you write back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run!”

7. Chase's letter back to Mac.

8. Owning the Mets and Utley’s corner. The best athletes kill their rivals and Utley’s dominance at CitiField helped coin right field in Flushing as Utley’s Corner, a mark of total domination.

9. Tying Reggie Jackson’s World Series home run mark in 2009. The New York Yankees got the better of us in 2009 but you can’t blame Chase. That short, sweet swing produced and put the ball in the seats at a record clip.

10. The hair. Chase had great hair. The ladies loved him.

11. So did the men. Men and women alike loved Chase. It was weird.

12. Roy Halladay praising Chase. “Be like Chase.” Everyone respected the hell out of Chase and his work ethic but when the praise comes from a fellow legend with the work ethic of Roy Halladay, it meant a little bit more.

13. Walkoff walk. Chase loved shrimp as much as the rest of us.

14. Standup inside-the-park home run. There’s nothing quite like an inside-the-parker and when Utley ripped one and hustled around the bases so fast that he didn’t even have to slide at home, that’s one Phillies fans aren’t going to forget.

15. “Boo? F—— you" at the All-Star game in New York. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to give a New York crowd a piece of their mind? Utley simply did it on national television.

16. His rehab chair. Sadly, Chase had to rehab quite a bit. But thankfully he used a chair.

17. 35-game hit streak in 2006. Long before he was a world champion, Chase put together one of the best hitting streaks in Philly history (Jimmy!) good for 11th best in MLB history.

18. Chase resorts to clubhouse voodoo. Chase wasn’t always hitting. So when he hit a slump, he would obviously watch tape on opposing pitchers, but he also wasn’t above resorting to some clubhouse voodoo.

19. Chase and Jimmy. The Utley and Rollins double play duo made countless dives and flips and turns and just generally made playing defense look like more of an art than a game. But it was the double play in 2008 to clinch the NL East crown in a win over the Washington Nationals in the final days of the season that sticks out.

20. San Francisco Giants confrontation, ball flip back to pitcher. The guy rarely showed emotion. So when he did, fans ate it up. Almost better than a walkoff home run.

21. Return from the DL game with a HR. Been gone a while? Come back and bash a home run

22. Dude got hit by A LOT of pitches. Sometimes the bases were loaded in the bottom of the 10th and Utley got hit by a pitch for the walkoff win (video).

23. Diving line drive double play vs the Dodgers in the 2008 NLCS. The Matt Stairs moonshot game. Shane Victorino going deep. Philadelphia's love affair with Jonathan Broxton. All made possible thanks to Chase's DP.

24. Sleeves were optional.

25. Chase Utley, still the Man, just in Los Angeles. Killing (and hurting) the Mets regardless of what team he played for. Six hits in one game. Just because he left Philly, Chase never stopped being the Man.

26. World EFFIN Champion. The most famous public speech in Philadelphia since the reading of the Declaration of Independence. But with more F-bombs. Honestly, if you ask Philly fans their favorite Chase moment, this is the one that comes up the most. Because it was so unexpected, declarative, and joyous.

The Phillie Phanatic was surprisingly good at 'Pictionary' on MLB Network

The Phillie Phanatic was surprisingly good at 'Pictionary' on MLB Network

The Phillies may not have played a game yesterday due to the weather down in Washington but that didn't stop the Phanatic from getting his game on.

The big green fella was a guest on MLB Network to play "Central Scribbles" which is basically Pictionary.

He teamed up with Ken Rosenthal and Lauren Shehadi to try and come up with players associated with the National League East. Some names were much more challenging than others. Spoiler: Nobody was able to get Adam Eaton.

You can watch and enjoy the Phanatic's artistic skills in the below video.