First off, if you haven't seen the video, catch it here. It's a must watch.

Like many of you, I watched last night's Home Run Derby in hopes of seeing Chase Utley showcase his sweet swing to a national audience. While Chase failed to really get his long ball groove going at Yankee Stadium, Josh Hamilton had the hitting spectacle on lockdown. That guy was impressive.

Upon viewing Chase being introduced live at Yankee stadium, I was rather shocked to hear my favorite baseball player get booed. You don't boo Chase Utley. It wasn't until people commenting on this site pointed it out to us that we realized Chase Utley dropped an F-bomb in reaction to the boos. "Boo? F*ck you," Chase quipped to fellow second basemen Dan Uggla as the cameras rolled and caught every syllable.

Reactions across the web, not surprisingly, were varied.

First it was over to the Mets fans who were typically outraged, writing headlines stating "Chase Utley has no class." Right, the guy just saves puppies for show.

While the jorted Mets fans took their anger out on the typically congenial Chase Utley, other's pointed to the Phillies second baseman as an "American Hero" for his response to the New York crowd, "One million bucks says that half of these rich yuppies don’t even know
who Chase Utley is, with the other half ordering yagah bombs."


Is swearing wrong? Yes, my mother taught me so. (Hi Mom!) People should not resort to foul language. It's unbecoming. But that doesn't mean even the most angelic of us don't slip from time to time. Heck, even my instant reaction to the Bronx boos last night, albeit jokingly, caused some foul language. "Did they just boo Chase Utley? Fuck New York. You don't boo Chase Utley! (Only we can boo him, which we don't.)"

Even Yahoo! Sports, a reputable news organization, called it "one of the funniest swears ever captured on TV."

Todd Zolecki, the tremendous beat writer for the Inquirer, had the unenviable job of trying to explain the situation in a manner fit for a five year old's eyes.

As Utley ran onto the field
to stand next to Florida Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, New York
Mets fans lustily booed Utley.

To which Utley responded, "Boo? [Expletive]."

But really, shouldn't it be "[Expletive] you?"

It was a mistake on Utley's part and he knew it. But Chase is a good guy and good guys make amends. After the game, he set us straight, "I do want to apologize because it was definitely a poor choice of
words. I really didn't mean anything by it. I was kind of
just joking around with my buddy over there [Uggla], so again, I do
want to apologize."

Chase will be just fine. He's one of the best guys in baseball who let one little F-bomb slip on national television. Heck, we can all just blame it on ESPN like we do everything else anyway. We're expecting Chase to bounce back big time tonight en route to nabbing the All Star game MVP and sealing the Phils home field advantage in the World Series.

So what's the moral of all of this? Well, swearing is wrong. Not even the best second baseman to ever play in Philadelphia should swear. Using the F word is definitely wrong. But also damn funny sometimes.

And on that note, we turn to commenter TJ, who last night had this to say:

I like this side of Chase. We always see the quiet, soft spoken, don't show emotion Chase...

Plus, if I had a dollar for everytime I said fuck you to prick NY fans, I'd have $85 million.

Now all of you go clean your mouths out with a bar of soap. OR order your tee shirt here.


Whichever you prefer.