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10 Wentz stats that will make you sick

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Ten games into the 2020 season, Carson Wentz ranks 29th out of 31 quarterbacks in passer rating, 30th in completion percentage, 29th in yards per pass, 28th in interception percentage and 24th in touchdown percentage.

If it wasn’t for Drew Lock and Sam Darnold, he’d be the worst QB in football. But there’s still six weeks to go!

The Wentz numbers defy belief. He’s doing things that haven’t been done in decades. The numbers aren’t quite unprecedented, but for a Pro Bowler and former MVP candidate, they’re close.

You don’t want to read this, but you will. It's impossible to look away.

So here are 10 Carson Wentz stats that will make you sick. I apologize in advance.

That was 43 years ago 

Wentz’s 14 interceptions are the most by an Eagles QB through 10 games since Ron Jaworski had 17 in 1977. The only other Eagles QB with more INTs through 10 games in the last 60 years is Norm Snead (17 in 1968, 16 in 1969).

Why throw one when you can throw two?

Wentz already has had six games this year with two or more interceptions. No other NFL quarterback has more than three. In the last 30 years, only two QBs have had more two-INT games through 10 games: Peyton Manning had eight as a rookie in 1998 and Philip Rivers had seven in 2011. The only QBs in Eagles history with more multiple-interception games this early into a season are Adrian Burk (eight in 1951) and Sonny Jurgensen (seven in 1962). Wentz had four two-INT games in 40 starts from 2017 through 2019. 

'I've got to be better'

Wentz has gone six straight games without completing more than 60 percent of his passes. The last Eagles QB with a longer streak is Randall Cunningham, who had a 10-game streak of games at 60 percent or worse in 1987.


Not elite company

Wentz is only the eighth NFL quarterback in the last 30 years through 10 games with 14 interceptions, below 60 percent completion percentage and less than 6 1/2 yards per pass attempt. The last four were rookies (Peyton Manning in 1998, Joey Harrington in 2003, Matt Stafford in 2009, DeShone Kizer in 2017). The last non-rookie to put up these numbers through 10 games was Trent Dilfer in 1996. The last QB to record those stats in his fifth season or later was David Krieg of the Seahawks in 1989.

Consistently mediocre

Wentz hasn’t had a single game with a passer rating of 100 this year. He’s only the third QB in Eagles history without a 100-point performance through 10 games. The others were Roman Gabriel in 1974 and Jaworski in 1977 and 1984. In his first four seasons, Wentz had 17 games with a 100 passer rating — 10th most in the NFL.

Worst since Doug Pederson

Through 10 games, Wentz has had a passer rating under 80 seven times. That’s the most by an Eagles quarterback through 10 games since Doug Pederson had eight in 1999.

Piling up the mistakes

Wentz is on pace to throw 603 times this year. At his current pace, he would have the most sacks, fifth-worst passer rating, seventh-lowest completion percentage, fewest yards per game, ninth-fewest TD passes, second-lowest yards per attempt and seventh-most interceptions in NFL history among the 65 QBs who’ve thrown 600 passes in a season.

This is ironic

Wentz’s 73.3 passer rating is lowest through 10 games by a QB averaging at least 38 passes per game since Brett Favre had a 72.4 mark in 1999. 

Congrats, Nick!

Nick Foles has reclaimed the Eagles' franchise record for lowest career interception ratio from Wentz. When the season began, Wentz was the Eagles’ record holder for lowest INT ratio (one INT every 58.7 pass attempts) and Foles was second (51.7). Wentz is now No. 2 at one INT every 48.3 attempts. Wentz is also closing in on Donovan McNabb, who’s third at one INT every 47.5 attempts.

Get rid of the ball!!!

Wentz has been sacked 40 times, which puts him on pace for 64 this year. That would be the fourth most in NFL history, behind David Carr twice (76 in 2002 and 68 in 2005) and Cunningham in 1986 (72). 

Chasing Geno Smith

Wentz’s 73.3 passer rating, if he maintained it, would be the worst by an Eagles QB over a full season since Rodney Peete had a 67.3 mark in 1995. The only other Eagles QBs with a lower passer rating are Jaworski (1977, 1978, 1985), Gabriel [1974], Snead (1969, 1970) and Norm Van Brocklin (1958). Only three QBs who’ve started 16 games have had a passer rating that low since 2007: Geno Smith (66.5), Eli Manning (69.4) and Joe Flacco (73.1), all in 2013.

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