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10 Wentz stats that will make you sick

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Good or bad? We've got stats. Win or lose? We've got stats. Positive or negative? Oh, we've got stats for all of that.

Which leads us to this: How bad has Carson Wentz been?

We've got that, too. 

This is not for the faint of heart. If you're fragile after the Eagles' winless three-game start? Don't read this. 

But if you want to know just exactly how historically awful Wentz has been so far, take a peek at 10 Carson Wentz Stats that will make you sick!

1. Carson Wentz is the first Eagles quarterback to throw two interceptions in three straight games since Ron Jaworski against Washington, the Chargers and Vikings the last three weeks of 1985. He’s the first to throw multiple INTs in each of the first three games of a season since Sonny Jurgensen against the Cards, Giants and Browns in 1962. 

2. Among 33 NFL quarterbacks who’ve thrown at least 45 passes this year, Wentz ranks last in the NFL in passer rating (63.9) and yards per attempt (5.6), tied for last with Kirk Cousins in interceptions (6) and 29th in completion percentage (ahead of Mitch Trubisky, Cousins, Dwayne Haskins and Jeff Driskel).

3. Wentz threw more 3rd-down interceptions Sunday (2) than he threw in 2018 and 2019 combined (1). He’s the first Eagles QB to throw multiple 3rd-down interceptions in a game since Matt Barkley against the Cowboys in 2013. Yes. Matt Barkley.

4. Wentz is only the fourth QB in NFL history to throw more than 130 or more passes through three games with three or fewer TDs. He’s the only one with six or more INTs. Brian Sipe in 1981, Drew Bledsoe in 1995 and Tom Brady in 2009 also had three or fewer TDs through three games on 130 or more attempts.


5. The last QB with three or fewer TDs and six or more INTs through three games is DeShone Kizer of the Browns in 2017. The last former Pro Bowler to hold that distinction is Michael Vick with the Eagles in 2012.

6. Wentz is the first QB to open a season with three straight games with multiple interceptions since the Colts’ Andrew Luck in 2015. He’s the first NFC quarterback to do it since Brett Favre in 2005. 

7. Only four Eagles quarterbacks since 1980 have had a lower passer rating through three games than Wentz: Randall Cunningham as a rookie in 1985 (34.1), Bobby Hoying in 1998 (60.4), Doug Pederson in 1999 (57.7) and Donovan McNabb in both 2000 (62.0) and 2003 (51.1).

8. In just three games, Wentz has dropped from 2nd-best in NFL history in interception percentage to 7th-best. Coming into the year, Wentz averaged one INT 58.7 attempts, second all-time only to Aaron Rodgers (one every 72.2 attempts). But with his six INTs in just 132 attempts, Wentz is now at one INT every 53.3 attempts and now trails Rodgers (73.4), Dak Prescott (58.3), Colin Kaepernick (56.4), Russell Wilson (56.2), Tom Brady (55.5) and Derek Carr (55.0).

9. Wentz is the first NFL quarterback with three or fewer TDs, six or more INTs and below 5.6 yards per attempt through three games in 13 years - since Drew Brees in 2007. The last Eagles QB with those numbers through three games is Mike Boryla in 1976.

10. Wentz’s passer rating after halftime is now down to 42.8 - worst in the NFL by far. After halftime he’s completed 55 percent of his passes with no TDs and 4 INTs. Baker Mayfield is next-worst at 66.3. It’s the lowest 2H mark by any Eagles QB through three game since Doug Pederson had a 19.2 rating in 1999.