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Yikes ... 10 Wentz stats you won't believe

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Just how bad has Carson Wentz been?

Historically bad.

In our endless quest to quantify everything the Eagles do, welcome to the inaugural 10 miserable Carson Wentz stats. And please don’t shoot the messenger!

Wentz vs. the NFL

Wentz had a passer rating of 72.5 against Washington and 56.5 against the Rams. He’s the only NFL quarterback who’s had a rating below 73 in two starts this year. In fact, every other QB in the NFL has had a rating below 73 a combined six times and Wentz twice. So he’s responsible for 25 percent of the sub-73 passer ratings in the entire league this year. 

Wentz vs. Wentz

Wentz already has as many games with a rating below 73 in two games this year as he did in 40 games the last three seasons combined.

Chasing Doug Pederson

Wentz is only the third Eagles quarterback with a rating below 73 in each of the first two weeks of the season in the last 40 years. The others were Pederson in 1999 and Donovan McNabb in 2003.

Brutal after halftime

In the second half of the two Eagles losses, Wentz is 23 for 44 for 214 yards with no TDs and three interceptions. His 37.5 second-half passer rating is by far the worst in the league. Baker Mayfield is next worst at 47.3. Wentz has thrown three second-half INTs and every other QB in the NFL combined has thrown 20, so he’s responsible for 13 percent of all INTs after halftime in the entire league while throwing four percent of the second-half passes.

Back-to-back nightmares

Wentz is only the fourth QB in Eagles history to have back-to-back games with 40 or more pass attempts and a passer rating under 75, the first since McNabb in 2000. Ron Jaworski and Randall Cunningham also did it.


Consistently inconsistent

Wentz is the sixth QB in the last 60 years to throw two INTs in each of the Eagles’ first two games. The others are Pete Liske (1971), Jaworski (1977), Cunningham (1990), Michael Vick (2012) and Sam Bradford (2015).

Matt Barkley? Really, Carson?

Wentz has thrown four INTs since his last touchdown. The last Eagles QB to throw four interceptions without a touchdown was Barkley in 2013, with three against the Cowboys and one the next week against the Giants. Barkley, still in the league with the Bills, never did throw a TD pass as an Eagle.

Plunging down the all-time list

In the span of just eight days, Wentz dropped from No. 4 in NFL history in career interception ratio (one every 59 attempts) to No. 8 (one every 55 attempts). Coming into the season, he trailed only Aaron Rodgers, Tyrod Taylor and Patrick Mahomes. He’s now also dropped behind Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady, even though Brady has a higher INT ratio than Wentz this year.

Rare company

Wentz’s 64.4 passer rating is one of the worst in recent Eagles history after two games. Only five Eagles QBs in the last 40 seasons have had a lower passer rating two games in: Cunningham (in 1990 and 1995), Rodney Peete (1996), Bobby Hoying (1998), Pederson (1999) and McNabb (2003). Of those QBs, the only ones to finish the season as the starter were Cunningham in 1990 and McNabb in 2003.

Bottom of the barrel

Two games into the season, Wentz ranks 31st out of 32 QBs in passer rating (ahead of only Kirk Cousins), 29th in completion percentage, 28th in touchdown percentage, 29th in yards per attempt and 19th in yards per game. Wentz is first in one category — he’s the only NFL QB with four interceptions. And only Ryan Fitzpatrick, Daniel Jones and Philip Rivers have three.