2020 NFL Combine: The Wonderlic Test is hard to ace - trust us, we tried


Wonderlic Test scores, like the running back, have lost a bit of value over the past decade as the test's actual usefulness became less and less apparent. 

But draft prospects will still take the 50-question timed test at the NFL Combine this week, a test filled with math, logic, and reasoning problems designed to (in theory) find the sharpest minds among NFL hopefuls. The scores will still trickle out as context-less nuggets about players, and people will still care, so here we are.

If we as fans are going to pay even a tiny bit of attention to these test scores, we might as well try to understand what players are going through during the test itself. 

And that's exactly what NBC Sports Philadelphia's Marc Farzetta did this week: he sat down and took a sample test - not the specific test players will take this week, but one built from the Wonderlic Test format and level of difficulty. The real thing is 12 minutes long, so we gave him 12 minutes to finish.

Folks, this test is absolutely bizarre.

It starts with a question about the Fibonacci sequence, easy enough, but quickly devolves into some Dr. Seuss-level situations, like this question:

Some bargles are chongos, and some chongos are munhatsens. Are some bargles definitely munhatsens?

What is this, "The Lorax"?

The questions in this test are weird enough on their own; that players are allotted just 14.4 seconds per question makes it even more insane.

Farzetta ultimately ended up with a 25 on the test, tying with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and far behind Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who dropped a dang 40 on the thing back in 2016.


For now, let's skip the tests: judge players on their tape and football fans on their painted faces.

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