Hey, it can't hurt to be prepared: A look at the Eagles' playoff scenarios


I know the Eagles are a lousy 4-8-1, and losing out would potentially be a better long-term outcome, putting them in a better position for the 2021 draft, but let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and discuss what it would take for the Eagles to win the NFC East.

The Eagles enter Week 15 in third place, behind Washington (6-7) and the Giants (5-8). They play at Arizona today, at Dallas next week and host Washington in Week 17.

Should the Eagles win out, and finish 7-8-1, the following would need to happen for them to win the division:

• Washington loses one of its other two remaining games (vs. Seattle, vs. Carolina), and ...

• The Giants lose one of their three remaining games (vs. Browns, at Ravens, vs. Cowboys)

The Eagles winning out is probably the least likely possibility of the three, right? Difficult, but not impossible.

If the Eagles lose today, but win their last two games, things get far more unwieldy. Then this is what needs to happen to win the NFC East:

• Washington would have to lose its last three games, and ...

• The Giants would need to lose two of their remaining games, and ...

• The Cowboys to lose one of their remaining games (vs. 49ers, at Eagles, at Giants)

This is extremely unlikely, considering the division games going on down the stretch.

Like we said, it likely won’t happen, but now you’re prepared if it does.


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