Eagles fans don't seem to agree on the Jordan Davis pick


The Eagles nabbed one of the 2022 NFL Draft's biggest names on Thursday night, adding Georgia DL Jordan Davis at No. 13 overall. Davis was expected to go in the Top 20 on Thursday night because of his combination of size, strength, and surprising athleticism for such a large man. It should feel like a super solid pick from Howie Roseman.

And yet it appears there are numerous Eagles fans who aren't exactly thrilled with the pick, in part because of the way the draft board fell to the Eagles at No. 13 after their trade up with the Texans.

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Guys like safety Kyle Hamilton and EDGE Jermaine Johnson II were still on the board, so Roseman had options when it came time to make the pick. But his sights were clearly set on Davis, and likely Roseman thought the Ravens were a threat to nab him.

Some Eagles players were pretty thrilled by the move:

And there were certainly Eagles fans happy with the selection:

But there were also a notable number of fans who were at least a little iffy, or who wanted someone else:

I think in general it's a good pick. 

Hamilton feels like a star-in-waiting, but there are good options at safety throughout this draft - guys like Daxton Hill, Jordan Pitre, and Lewis Cine - who could be available for Roseman later. Davis has the chance to be a singularly destructive force on the defensive line for years to come, and we all know the Eagles' front office likes to build through the trenches.


We'll see how things shake out, but Thursday night was a huge moment for the future of the Eagles' organization.