A lot has changed for Corey Clement since last year's 5 Minutes with Roob (which you can find here).

He's no longer an unknown rookie backup running back just trying to stick on the Eagles' roster. He's a Super Bowl hero. A folk hero. A legend.

As his second NFL training camp got underway, we spent a few minutes with Clement, who had a 100-yard receiving game in the Eagles' 41-33 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

Roob: What's the biggest change for you from Year 1 to Year 2?

Corey Clement: “Just my thought process. Going into it, you’ve got to be more of a veteran. Veteran mindset definitely has to take over. The rookie phase is in the past now. Can’t really dwell on anything I did last year. Now I have a bigger platform to step on. I know where we can get, so the road’s ahead of us to succeed, so just have to put in the work right now.”

Roob: Your role really evolved as your rookie year went on. How do you see it evolving this year?

Corey Clement: “I just try to fit in wherever I can be. I know I can catch, I know I can run. At the same time, I’m not selfish. I can play special teams, I’m not trying to reduce my role on that. Wherever I fit in, I’m trying to make an impact. We don’t have a selfish group at all. Whatever somebody gets in, they try to produce and when it’s my turn I have to do the same.”


Roob: How many times have you watched the "Philly Special?"

Corey Clement: “Probably 50 times now. It’s one of those things, it’s always on, and you just watch it and reminisce.”

Roob: What does it mean to you to have been part of what's probably the greatest play in Super Bowl history?

Corey Clement: “It’s never going to get old. Grandkids, kids, they’ll always be able to look back and say they know a guy who was a part of something great and it’s never going to be erased. It's there on NFL Films, sound effects are there, the play is there, and my team is going to always be there with me."

Roob: Has the reality set in yet that you had a 55-yard catch, a 22-yard touchdown and a 100-yard game as a rookie in the Super Bowl?

Corey Clement: “Sometimes I lay back at night and look at my SB touchdown football and say, 'Damn, I was a part of this.' Not many people can say they were let alone in the Super Bowl and I got a chance to catch a touchdown in it. I watched so many outstanding catches, like Santonio Holmes, his catch in the back of the end zone. Being a kid growing up and watching all these fantastic things and then creating one of my own moments. It’s awesome.”

Roob: Where do you see yourself fitting in among all these talented running backs?

Corey Clement: "You’ve got to keep fighting for the top spot. We all know Jay (Ajayi) is our No. 1 guy right now, but what drives everyone is definitely competition. Not to say I’m better than Jay, but we always thrive off one another’s competition. Whenever we’re in a group drill, I try to do better than him, and he tries to do better than me. It’s good competition, it’s friendly competition, and that’s what we want. I’m never going to stop, regardless if I am a No. 1 running back.”

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