Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid finally broke through his long-standing Super Bowl barricade earlier this month, leading the Chiefs to an improbable comeback win over the 49ers. In the biggest game of his career, Reid's team was prepared.

Reid, too, was prepared for a win, judging by his very strong sneaker choice for the big game. The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced Monday evening that Reid's jacket, hat, and sneakers from Super Bowl LIV are headed to Canton for a display on the game:

Andy was packing heat! The nicest touch on those sneakers:instead of saying "AIR" on the heel, they just read "A R", for Reid's initials. It's that kind of attention to detail that wins you championships.

The internet suddenly understood, collectively, how Reid reversed his bad playoff luck. It was the shoes:

I wonder if someone in Philly put Reid on to the Air Forces, or if he added them to his repertoire in Kansas City.

The legend of Andy keeps growing.


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