Each week, we try to go through the Eagles' media guide, pull out one interesting factoid and ask a player about it. 

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, I figured I’d add a theme to this week’s chat. 

That backfired. 

DZ: It says your favorite Halloween costume of all time was the Black Ranger from the Power Rangers. Is that true? 

Brandon Brooks: That wasn’t my favorite Halloween costume. They asked me what my favorite Power Ranger was growing up. 

DZ: Oh, OK. How about Halloween costumes? Did you have a favorite one? 

BB: I never really dressed up. I mean, I did when I was a little kid, but by the time I was 8 or 9 … 

DZ: OK, let’s talk about Power Rangers then. 

BB: (laughing) All right. 

DZ: I was a big fan too. I wore the costume for Halloween. I was the Green Ranger before he turned into the White Ranger. Remember that? 

BB: Well, he was the Red Ranger and then he turned into the White Ranger. 

DZ: No, no, no, no, no, no. The Green Ranger turned into the White Ranger, right?

BB: I’m pretty positive, man. The reason I say that was because the White Ranger was the leader of the group. And prior to that, the Red Ranger was. 


DZ: I thought … well, who was the Green Ranger then? 

BB: You had the Yellow and the Pink were the two girls. A black, a blue and then the head guy. There was always five of them.

DZ: There was a Green Ranger though. I know there was a Green Ranger because I was it for Halloween one year. Did my mom just make up a Ranger? 

BB: I don’t know, man. (Looking around) Who else is old enough to watch? Nigel, you watch Power Rangers as a kid? 

Nigel Bradham: Not really, man. 

BB: Oh, man. I’m trying to figure out who was old enough to know. 

DZ: I’ll figure it out. 

NB: That wasn’t really our era. 

BB: Power Rangers? 

NB: That was our era? 

BB: Yeah, I watched it all the time!

DZ: Nigel, how old are you? 

NB: I’m 29. 

BB: Yeah, we’re the same age. 

DZ: Yeah, I’m 30. 

BB: Damn, you’re 30!

DZ: (Saddened) Yeah, I’m 30. 

NB: You’re only 30?!

DZ: Only 30!

NB: Oh… you’re young. I thought you was older than that. 

So after we wrapped up the conversation, WIP’s Eliot Shorr-Parks came over and confirmed my belief that the Green Ranger did indeed turn into the White Ranger. 

Later in the day, I tried to do some quick internet searches and I have no idea how we watched this show as kids. I’m so confused. What I figured out was that Tommy Oliver was the Green Ranger and then became the White Ranger. But the White Ranger replaced the Red Ranger as the leader of the group. So we were both kind of right. And, apparently, I’m old.

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