Foles' great reaction to being named backup says so much


The Bears somewhat surprisingly named Mitchell Trubisky as the team's starting quarterback for Week 1, after a summer-long competition between Trubisky and Nick Foles. The Bears acquired Foles in March as a way to push Trubisky, but also as a potential starter, and if Trubisky falters, don't be surprised to see a QB change.

For now, though, Foles has landed in a familiar spot: as the backup quarterback. The last time he found himself starting a regular season as a backup, Eagles fans will remember, it ended pretty well.   But it's never easy to find out that you've been passed up for a job that you really wanted, and that's exactly the position Foles was in over the weekend, when Bears head coach Matt Nagy called him into his office and told him the news.

How'd the Eagles legend handle Nagy's decision? Exactly the way you'd expect from such a magnanimous guy:

"It's not easy when you're competitive, and one person has to get named the starter," said Nagy. "But Nick ended his conversation with me when I told him what we're gonna do with, 'Can I call Mitch and congratulate him?' And if that doesn't speak to who he is as a human being, I think there is some realness that you all need to understand what kind of guy he is."

It sounds easy, but that is something special. That's not going to be the reaction of every player in the league, especially one who was moved to a different time zone without any say in the move - remember, he was traded - and would like a chance to re-establish himself as an NFL starting quarterback. 


But Foles has never been one to put himself ahead of the team, whether during his time as Carson Wentz's backup, or with the Chiefs or Rams. He's a selfless, patient guy who always understands his role, and welcomes whatever comes next.

Heading into his ninth season, it sounds like nothing has changed for ol' St. Nick. And that's a good thing.