Big Ben complains about 'short end of stick' before Eagles game


The Eagles are set to face the Steelers this Sunday after Pittsburgh was handed its bye week earlier than expected, thanks to the Titans' COVID-19 outbreak.

The Steelers, originally expected to have their bye in Week 8, will now play 13 straight games. That's obviously not an ideal situation.

But Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger really opted for the "woe is us" angle on Wednesday:


Pittsburgh is certainly getting short-changed by the schedule, but isn't this the guy whose head coach said just last week that the Steelers "do not care" about the schedule change? It sure sounds like Roethlisberger cares.

Getting your bye week shortened and moved doesn't help things, but the Steelers also now have three extra days to prepare for this weekend's home game, which fans will now be allowed to attend. Not every team gets unexpected extra days to prep for an opponent, and not every team gets to have fans at their games this season. 

Every team around the league is dealing with something unexpected, or unhelpful.

The Eagles, for example, weren't supposed to face a team coming off a bye week this season. When you win your division, the strength of schedule is usually pretty high the next season, so not having to face a team with two weeks of rest and preparation was a nice bit of balance. Instead, the Birds get to face Mike Tomlin and Roethlisberger with a week-and-three-days of prep, in Pittsburgh.


You're allowed to feel like your team was put in a tough spot, but let's not pretend this isn't just a weird year where everyone is dealing with weird things.