Brandon Graham was absolutely ruthless trash talking 49ers in Week 4


Man, how can you not love Brandon Graham? 

Aside from making on of the most important plays in Super Bowl LII, his personality on and off the field has made him a fan favorite throughout his entire time in Philadelphia. 

Well, that only solidified further last Sunday when the Eagles went off to the west coast to visit the 49ers. 

Luckily for all of us, he was mic'd up for the game. 

In between snaps, Graham was spotted shouting to the opposition - calling them out by their numbers and getting in their heads. 

The best part? It never stopped. He kept going right on down the line. 

"7-1 don't think I ain't gonna come get you. I'm coming to get you.

"Oh yeah 7-5, I've seen you on film boy. 

"Don't worry four. I'm coming! 2-8 you too slow for me man, you little dog." 

But the funniest part had to be when Fletcher Cox chimed in to let the 49ers know that Graham wasn't messing around either. 

"He ain't blowing hot air, I promise you he's not," Cox said." He's gonna do it the whole game."

And Graham did just that.

Enjoying the first win of the season just got a whole lot better, didn't it? 

Yeah, thought so.