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Graham's words of wisdom for Wentz

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Brandon Graham has been through what Carson Wentz is going through. 

Maybe it’s a little different because he’s not a quarterback, but he is a first-round pick, he’s also gotten benched, he's been the target of fan attacks, he's had plenty of highs and lows in his 11-year career and he’s come out the other side. 

So whenever a prominent Eagle or a former first-round pick is going through any sort of situation, Graham’s the obvious guy to turn to for insight on how to get through it.

On Thursday, Graham was asked what advice he has for Wentz, benched in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts.

“First, try not to worry what people are going to say because only you know what’s going on and how you fix it,” Graham said Thursday. “And how you fix it is really working on the things that you need to get better at and the things that tend to come up all the time. So for me, it’s I need to get off the ball faster. I need to start doing that for myself. … Continue to keep on working hard. Continue to keep on building at where you’re weak at. You definitely know you can get to where you used to be.

“There’s a lot of confidence that we all still have in Carson. We’ve seen it. We know it’s just on him to go out and keep working like he does. So don’t worry about what the naysayers say. It doesn’t matter because you’re the one who can change what people are saying by how you work. That’s what kept me here, how hard I worked and how hard I tried to flip that negative and turn it into a positive.”


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