DeSean releases song 'Just Ball,' and it isn't bad


DeSean Jackson has just eight catches for 110 yards through two weeks this season, modest numbers compared to what most Eagles fans were dreaming of for this season.

But the veteran wideout feels primed for a big game on Sunday against the Bengals, and not just because of the on-field matchups.

Jackson released a new single, titled 'Just Ball,' on streaming platforms this week ahead of the release of his album, 'Against All Odds', which comes out Oct. 2. It's a short, two-minute jam that I'm sure will be playing in the Eagles' locker room ahead of the Bengals game.

Here's the song, which contains a few NSFW lyrics:

That... honestly isn't bad! Jackson's voice sounds pretty good, all things considered. The instrumental wears its West Coast influences on its sleeve, and isn't too fussy. The chorus is simple but catchy. Not bad!

Now, for the important stuff: let's examine some of the lyrics and break down their football-related meanings.

"Rock in my left hand"

Interesting way to start here, considering Jackson is right-handed and is most comfortable holding the ball in his right hand. Maybe he was thinking of a specific play.

"Bet I never fall off"

Howie Roseman sure hopes Jackson is right here. Jackson turns 34 years old later this year, and his return to Philly hasn't been very productive - thanks in large part to injuries. We'll see what the rest of this season holds.

"I'm a playmaker"


This one sure is true. Jackson has led the league four times in yards per reception across his 13-year career, and has the second-most touchdowns of 50+ yards in NFL history, behind only Jerry Rice.

"Ballin' in the game is where they catch me at"

This is also true, particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has Jackson spending even more time inside than usual.

"Your ballin' in the game, it's when you get your cheese way up"

Jackson's career earnings in the NFL are just over $95 million, according to Spotrac. I'd say that counts as getting your "cheese way up".

"4th & 1, I'ma blitz, I'ma risk it all"

Very interesting decision here from Jackson. If you're going up against a guy like Cam Newton, a real QB sneak specialist, you want as many bodies on the line of scrimmage as possible in a short yardage situation. But you also want to have a play that can deal with a quick pass. Gotta be careful. Still, I like the approach.

"Just run the ball"

Here, Jackson shouts out every Eagles fan from the Andy Reid era who wanted Big Red to use the three-headed monster more in the second half instead of asking Donovan McNabb to throw 45 times per game.

"It's touchdown, it's touchdown, watch me go up"

This is basically a perfect synopsis of Jackson's play style. Jackson's known for his flashy touchdowns, and also for getting excited, or "up", during games. 

All in all, good stuff.