Brett Favre again says he thought Eagles should have kept Foles over Wentz 


Halfway through the Eagles’ 2020 season and Carson Wentz certainly hasn’t looked nearly as good as anyone expected.

Statistically speaking, Wentz has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL through eight games.

On Tuesday, Hall of Famer Brett Favre was on ESPN’s First Take and was asked about Wentz’s struggles. Favre tried to answer the question, but also offered up this take about a decision the Eagles made a couple years ago.

“I actually thought that they should have kept Nick Foles rather than Carson Wentz just based off of production and where they got to,” Favre said. “They won a Super Bowl with Foles. And that was a little bit surprising. They’re obviously banking on his upside. How many more years do you let it linger before you stick with [Wentz] or cut bait? That’s a question they only can answer.”

(As always, I feel like it’s my duty to point out that the Eagles were 11-2 with Wentz as a starter in 2017 and his role in that Super Bowl season gets overlooked far too often.)

Of course, Favre is not just any Hall of Fame quarterback. He’s also a friend of Doug Pederson’s and the two were teammates for several years in Green Bay, where they shared a close relationship. So whenever Favre weighs in on the quarterback situation in Philly, as long as Pederson is here, it’s going to be noted.

But this isn’t the first time Favre has said this.


In fact, back in January of 2019, Favre said publicly that he thought the Eagles should stick with Foles over Wentz. This was after Foles and the Eagles beat the Bears in the playoffs but then lost to the Saints.

Here’s what Favre said back then on SiriusXM NFL Radio:

“You know the old saying, ‘Dance with the one who brung you?’ They’re both young and can you keep going with both of them? I don’t think so, so you’re going to have to make a decision but I think it is a difficult decision. Again, I don’t want to come across as knocking Carson Wentz at all because I’m not. I think a lot of him. But I would go with Nick Foles, I really would. … They are both good. I just, I really like what I’ve seen from both guys but in particular Nick Foles, especially considering the circumstances in which he has come in.”

A couple months later, the Eagles decided to let Foles become a free agent and he left for a big contract in Jacksonville before ending up in Chicago this season.

While Favre — and plenty of Eagles fans too — wanted the Birds to stick with Foles, they were never going to do it. The Eagles never wavered and Wentz was always going to be their guy. There’s a reason that during Super Bowl week in Minnesota when the team lined up for the team photo everyone was in numerical order except for Wentz, who was plopped right in the middle of the shot.

As far as Wentz’s struggles this year — Favre did try to answer the question — Favre said he’ll “write it off” as too many injuries around Wentz. He said with his intimate knowledge of Pederson, he knows the head coach will keep it simple and isn’t the problem.

“I think [Wentz is] very capable,” Favre said. “I think we are all in agreement that he has the tools. I’m going to err on the side of lack of consistency. ‘Who are you throwing to?’ more than anything. They’ve had to mix and mingle players in and out. Now, that being said, other quarterbacks have managed to handle that very well, so I get the other side of the argument that you gotta make it work.”

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