Brian Westbrook has unique reason for why Eagles must play Hurts


Everyone seems to have an opinion on the emerging Eagles quarterback issue. That includes Eagles Hall of Fame member Brian Westbrook.

But his take is… unique.

The former All-Pro running back joined The Mike Missanelli Show a day after Carson Wentz was pulled for Jalen Hurts in the Eagles’ 30-16 loss to the Packers, and weighed in on who should start for the Eagles going forward.

“To me it’s a no brainer. You have to start Jalen Hurts at this point, you allow him start the final four games of the season and see where you end up,” Westbrook began. “You can’t go back to Carson, that messes up the spirit of the team… what you do is, you allow Jalen to get all the start’s reps for the rest of the season, you see what you have.”

This isn’t an uncommon opinion at this point, but where Westbrook went after that is certainly something off the beaten path.

“And let’s say Jalen plays well, then you have the opportunity to trade him at the end of the season to another team. You have to show someone else that he has value. You have that cap hit next season for Carson if he’s not on the roster, and the year after that, and that’s not something that Howie and Jeffrey want to deal with.”

Whoa. Ok. So, start Hurts the rest of the season, hope he does well, so that you can trade him after the season?


“I don’t know that they have to ability to trade Carson. Based on all the research I’ve done, all the things that I’ve heard, all the people I’ve talked to.. So what I would do, I am getting [Hurts] as ready as I possibly can. What I would do, I play Jalen Hurts, I give him all the reps. This is really becoming his four preseason games, his OTAs. 

Then I’m saying, ‘Ok, we have an asset that we think some people may want.’ And as we bring in a new coach – because at that point, we have to bring in a new coach – he has to find a way to fix Carson Wentz. And we kind of get rid of a problem, we get rid of the problem, the problem of Jalen Hurts hanging over the shoulder of Carson Wentz as we keep moving forward.”

It’s quite uncertain how well that would work. If Hurts plays well down the stretch, surely Howie Roseman – or whoever is in that position after this season – would be resistant to moving him, then bring Wentz back, hoping against hope he can shake off his dismal 2020 season. 

And just imagine the reaction from Eagles fans if Hurts balls out for the last four games, only to be traded. The backlash would be incendiary. 

Westbrook did acknowledge that the odds are stacked against the first part of his master plan: Hurts turning the offense around in the final four games.

“A big part of Carson’s struggles were play calling, the players around him, and of course the offensive line," Westbrook said. "So, that’s not going to be any different no matter who the quarterback is.”