Brian Westbrook thinks Hurts could save Pederson's job


Inserting Jalen Hurts into the Eagles' starting lineup is a Hail Mary move for what's been a disastrous season. With the entirety of Philadelphia debating the shift to Hurts over Carson Wentz, there's been an onslaught of takes on the situation. Former Eagles All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook give his and spoke about how this could affect Doug Pederson's future with the organization on Fox Sports 1's First Things First today:

"This may be the only decision that could possibly, and I mean possibly, save Doug Pederson's job as the head coach," Westbrook says of the move to start Hurts over Wentz. "The owner wants to see wins. They've looked really bad offensively and as a team these last few games.

"It could also be maybe one of the only things done that could actually save face in the locker room." Westbrook went on to discuss the role of veterans grinding in practice daily and the accountability that comes with getting benched when a player isn't performing well enough.

"if I played well, I should continue to start. If I don't play well, then I shouldn't be taking out," Westbrook says talking about his experience as an NFL pro. "The same thing should be said for Carson Wentz."

While the switch to Hurts may not be permanent, fans will get their first real taste of a Hurts-led offense on Sunday.