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Browns fans agonize over watching Carson Wentz, who they could've had

Monday night, Carson Wentz put it all on display on the football field.

As a passer, Wentz was spot on. He threw four touchdowns to four different players, took the league lead in that category, and even the interception he threw turned out to be the same as a beautiful punt.

As a runner, Wentz appeared to be swallowed by the Washington defense, only to appear out of nowhere to scramble for a first down.
Eagles fans could not feel better about their quarterback.
Now, imagine you’re a Browns fan. Your team just lost for the 22nd time in 23 games since your team made the decision to trade down, allowing the Eagles to select Wentz. You watched DeShone Kizer go without a touchdown and a QB rating of 36.3 in a 12-9 overtime loss to the Titans.
Now imagine you’re a Browns fan sitting at home watching the Eagles and Carson Wentz play on Monday Night Football.

Sounds like fun. 

In only his second year in the NFL, Wentz may be a 20-year nightmare for Cleveland and a weekly reminder of what could have been. Here’s how some of their fans reacted during last night’s game.

Eagles fans also chimed in to thank the Browns for passing on Carson Wentz.

Maybe the next time the Eagles play in prime time, Browns fans should catch up on Netflix instead.